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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 This noble companie came to the citie of Tours in Touraine, Anno Reg. 23. 1445 where they were honorablie receiued both of the French king and of the king of Sicill. The marquesse of Suffolke as procurator to king Henrie, espoused the said ladie in the church of saint Martins. At the which mariage were present the fa|ther and mother of the bride; the French king him|selfe, which was vncle to the husband; and the French quéene also, which was aunt to the wife. There were also the dukes of Orleance, of Calabre, of Alanson, and of Britaine, seauen earls, twelue barons, twen|tie bishops, beside knights and gentlemen. When the feast, triumph, bankets and iusts were ended, the la|die was deliuered to the marquesse, who in great e|state conueied hir through Normandie vnto Diepe, and so transported hir into England, where she lan|ded at Portesmouth in the moneth of Aprill. This la|die excelled all other, as well in beautie and fauour, as in wit and policie, and was of stomach and cou|rage more like to a man than a woman.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after hir arriuall, she was conueied to the towne of Southwike in Hamshire,

Margaret daughter to Reiner K. of Sicill & Ie|rusalem mari|ed to Henrie the sixt.

Abr. Fl. ex Polychron.

where she with all nuptiall ceremonies was coupled in matri|monie to king Henrie the sixt of that name. ¶ On the eightéenth of Maie she came to London, all the lords of England in most sumptuous sort méeting and receiuing hir vpon the waie, and speciallie the duke of Glocester with such honour as stood with the dignitie of his person. Now when she came to Blackheath, the maior, aldermen, and men of occu|pations, in blew gownes imbrodered with some de|uise expressing their art and trades whereby to be knowne, did all shew themselues, with congratula|tion of hir comming; from whence they attended hir to London, where with goodlie pageants and sun|drie gallant historicall shewes in diuers places erec|ted, she was verie magnificallie welcomed. The ma|ner and order of which pompe in sundrie places exhi|bited to the high honour of the king, queene, & states, is verie amplie set foorth by Fabian, pag. 423, 424, 425, 426, 427. Upon the thirtith of Maie next fol|lowing, she was crowned quéene of this realme of England at Westminster, with all the solemnitie thereto apperteining.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This mariage séemed to manie both infortunate and vnprofitable to the realme of England, and that for manie causes. First, the king had not one penie with hir;An [...]minous mariage. and for the fetching of hir, the marquesse of Suffolke demanded a whole fiftéenth in open parle|ment. And also there was deliuered for hir the duchie of Aniou, the citie of Mans, and the whole countie of Maine, which countries were the verie staies and backestands to the duchie of Normandie. And fur|thermore, the earle of Arminacke tooke such displea|sure with the king of England for this mariage, that he became vtter enimie to the crowne of England, and was the cheefe cause that the Englishmen were expelled out of the whole duchie of Aquitaine.

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