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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The councell of England forgat not the late enter|prise of the [...] king, atchiued in the duchie of of Guien, and the refore doubting some other the like attempt, they se [...]t thither sir William Wood [...] with eight hundred men, to strengthen the frontiers, and further, set foorth a proclamation, that all men which would transport anie corne, chéese, or other vit|tels thither, should paie no maner of custome or tal|lage: which [...] caused the countrie of Aquitaine to be well furnished of all things necessarie. About this season Iohn the valiant lord Talbot for his ap|proued prowesse and wisdome,Iohn lord Talbot crea|ted earle of Shrewes|burie. aswell in England as in France, both in peace & warre so well tried, was [...]reated earle of Sh [...]ewesburie, and with a companie of three thousand men sent aga [...]ne into Normandie, for the better def [...]nse of the same.

*This yéere died Lodow [...]ke [...] [...]ewes Lischburne, bishop of Elie, Fr. Thin. being the fiue an [...] twentith that in| [...]oied that place, who came to the sam [...] after this ma|ner. After the death of Philip Morgan bishop of that sée, the moonks of Elie chose for their pastor Robert [...]tz Hugh bishop of London but he dieng at saint O [...]ees before his confirmation, neuer possessed the honour thereof. Wherevpon the king directed his let|ters to the couent of Elie, to make election of Tho|mas Rudburne (bishop of S. Dauids in Wales) for their bishop. But they contrarie therevnto (taking it now for a custome, hauing so often vsed it before, as did well appeare) made choise of Thomas Bour|chier (borne of a noble house, sonne to the countesse of Stafford, chancellor of Oxenford, and bishop of Worcester) to succeed Philip Morgan. Which Bour|chier, the king (offended with the moonkes for the lit|tle regard had to his request) vtterlie refused, and would not admit him vnto that place. Wherevpon there were buls procured from Eugenius the fourth (then bishop of Rome) which were sent into England to confirme the election of the said Bourchier.

But he wiselie fearing to fall into the dangerous statute of Premumre, durst not receiue or execute the tenor of the popes commandement. By reason whereof, least the see might otherwise remaine void, (if speedie remedie were not prouided) the king did in commendam bestow the bishoprike of Elie vpon this Lodowike Lischburne archbishop of Rone, by office, Card. 4. Coronat. Cancellar. Franciae & Norman|niae, and kinsman to the said king. Which doone, Eu|genius (when he saw no other remedie) did reuoke his buls made before to Thomas Bourchier, in the yeare of Christ 1437. This Lodowike remaining bi|shop six yeares and so manie moneths, died in the yeare as before, the eighteenth of September, at his manor of Hatfield, whose bowels were buried in the said church: his hart was caried to Rone, and there honourablie intoomed, and his bodie was committed to the earth, in the church of Elie, betweene two marble pillors next to the altar of the relikes.]

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