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Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the king had heard the accusations thus laid by the duke of Glocester against the cardinall, he committed the examination thereof to his coun|cell, whereof the more part were spirituall persons; so that what for feare, and what for fauour, the matter was winked at, and nothing said to it: onelie faire countenance was made to the duke, as though no malice had béene conceiued agai [...]st him. But venem will breake out, & inward grudge will soone appeare, which was this yeare to all men apparant: for diuers secret attempts were aduanced forward this season against this noble man Humfrei [...] duke of Glocester a far off, which in conclusion came so néere, that they beereft him both of life and land; as shall hereafter more plainelie appéere.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 For first this yeare, dame Eleanor Cobham, wife to the said duke, was accused of treason; for that she by sorcerie and inchantment intended to destroie the king, to the intent to aduance hir husband vnto the crowne EEBO page image 623 crowne. Vpon this, she was examined in saint Stephans chappell before the bishop of Canturburie, and there by examination conuict, and iudged to doo open penance in three open places within the citie of London [Polychronicon saith she was inioined to go through Cheapside with a taper in hir hand] and after that adiudged to perpetuall imprisonment in the Ile of Man, [...]. vnder the keeping of sir Iohn Stanlie knight. At the same season were arrested, arreigned, and adiudged giltie, as aiders to the duchesse, Thomas Southwell priest, and canon of S.Stephans at Westminster, Iohn Hun priest, Roger Bolingbrooke a cunning necromancer (as it was said) and Margerie Iordeine, Ali [...]s Iohn [...]. surnamed the witch of Eie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The matter laid against them, was [...]or that they (at the request of the said duchesse) had deuised an image of war, representing the king, which by their sorcerie by little and little consumed, intending thereby in conclusion to waste and destroie the k [...]ngs person. Margerie Iordeine was burnt in Smit [...]field, and Roger Bolingbrooke was drawne to Taborne, and hanged and quartered taking vpon his death that there was neuer anie such thing by them imagined. Iohn Hun had his pardon, and Southwest died in the Tower the night before his execution: [for (saith Polychr.) he did prophesie of himselfe, [...]. Fl. that he should die in his bed, and not by iustice.] The duke of Gloce|ster bare all these things patientlie,King Ed|ward the fourth borne. [...] said little. Edward sonne to the duke of Yorke was borne this yeare the nine and twentith of Aprill at Rone, his fa|ther being the kings lieutenant in Normandie. ¶ In this yeare was a great fraie in Fléetstréet in the night time, A [...]r. Fl. A great fraie by night. betwéene gentlemen of courts and inha|bitants of London; insomuch that much bloud was spilt, diuerse slaine outright, and some mortallie wounded; besides great harme otherwise doone and suffered.]

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