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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anno Reg. 19.About the beginning of Lent, the duke of Sum|merset, and the lord Talbot, with other capteins and men of warre to the number of two thousand, which they had assembled in the marches of Normandie to|wards Rone, marching forward towards Picar|die, passed ouer the riuer of Some; and through the towne of Monteruell, came before the fortresse of Folleuile, which the duke besieged, whilest the lord Talbot entered further into the countrie. After that the duke had mounted his great artillerie, E [...]guerant. and began to batter the hold, the capteine within chanced to be slaine with a shot of the same artillerie, & shortlie af|ter, the batterie being still continued, the rest of the men of warre that serued vnder him yéelded the place, in which the duke left a competent garrison of souldiers, which afterwards sore indamaged the countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This doone, the duke followed the lord Talbot, who was alreadie entered a good waie within the coun|trie of Santhois, and now ioining their powers to|gither, they came to a fortresse called Lihons in Santhois, which was also rendered vnto them, after they had burnt the church; which the countrie people kept against them, and would not yeeld it, till they were fired out, burnt, and slaine; to the number of thrée hundred. After the fortresse was deliuered into their hands by composition, the duke with his power laie there about ten daies, sending diuerse troops of his men of warre abroad into the countrie, which spoiled the same, tooke the fortresse of Herbonneres, and the lord thereof within it, who for his ransome, and to haue his subiects and house saued from spoile and fire, compounded with his takers for a thousand saluz of gold, which he paid to them. Finallie, after the duke of Summerset, and the lord Talbot with their power, had laine in Lihons about ten daies, they departed from thence, and returned into Nor|mandie, without anie impeachment.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the death of the earle of Warwike, the duke of Yorke was againe made regent of France,The duke of Yorke againe made regent of France. which accompanied with the earle of Oxenford, the lord Bourchier called earle of Ewe, sir Iames of Or|mond, the lord Clinton, sir Richard Wooduile, & di|uerse other noble men, sailed into Normandie. Be|fore whose ariuall, the French king sore gréeued with the taking of the towne of Ponthoise, assembled a great armie,Ponthoise besieged by the French king, but va|liantlie defen|ded. and besieged the said towne himselfe in person, inuironing it with bastiles, trenches, and dit|ches, beating the walles and bulworks with shot of great ordinance, and giuing therevnto diuerse great and fierce assaults. But Iohn lord Clifford, like a va|liant capteine, defended the towne so manfullie, that the Frenchmen rather lost than woone.

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