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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On the sixt daie of Nouember this present yeare, the earle of Warwike, Anno Reg. 16. The earle of Warwike re|gent came in|to France. as regent of France, passed the sea, after he had beene seuen times shipped and vn|shipped, and landed at Homflue with a thousand fresh souldiers, and came to Rone, and then the duke of Yorke returned into England. Betwéene the change of these two capteins, the duke of Burgognie (which sore enuied the glorie of the Englishmen) besieged the towne of Crotoy,Croitoy b [...]e|ged by the duke of Bur|gog [...]e. with ten thousand men and more, hauing with him great plentie of guns and goodlie ordinance. The earle of Warwike aduerti|sed hereof, sent the lord Fauconbridge, sir Thomas Kiriell, sir Iohn Montgomerie, Thomas Limbrike, Thomas Chandois, Dauid Hall, and diuerse other knights and esquiers, and an host of fiue thousand men, which passed the riuer of Some, beside the towne of saint Ualerie, wading in the water vp to the chin, so glad were they to rescue their felowes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 When the duke of Burgognie was informed of the approching of the lord Talbot,Croitoy res|cued. he with all his power (sauing foure hundred, which were left in a ba|stile by him there newlie builded) fled to Abuile, the bastile was soone gained by the Englishmen, and those within either slaine or taken. After this, the lord Talbot sent to the duke of Burgognie, signifieng that except he would come foorth, and bide by a bat|tell, he would vtterlie wast his countrie of Picardie. According wherevnto (the duke of Burgognie shrin|king) he burnt townes, spoiled and slue manie people in Picardie. But for all those his doings, the duke of Burgognie appeared not, but got him from Abuile to Amiens, so that the lord Talbot abode twentie daies full in Picardie and Arthois, destroieng all afore him, and after returned vntouched. In the meane sea|son, sir Thomas Kiriell had gotten all the dukes ca|riages and ordinance, and left as much vittell in the towne of Croitoy, as would serue six hundred men a whole yeare, and conueied the residue to the earle of Warwike, who highlie praised them for their hardie dooings.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 After this, Henrie earle of Mortaigne, sonne to Edmund duke of Summerset,14 [...]8 ariued at Chierburgh with foure hundred archers, & thrée hundred speares, and passed through Normandie, till he came into the countie of Maine, where he besieged a castell called saint Anian, in the which were thrée hundred Scots, besides Frenchmen. This castell he tooke by assault, slue the Scots, and hanged the Frenchmen, bicause they were once sworne English. After this he got al|so another castell, two miles from saint Iulians, cal|led Alegerche, which was shortlie after recouered; and the lord of Camewis, which came to the rescue of the same, in the meane waie was intrapped and taken. Thus flowed the victorie, sometime on the one partie, and sometime on the other. For about the same time the townes of Meaux in Brie, and saint Susan were sold and deliuered to the French part, by the vntruth of the burgesses and inhabitants of the same towns, about the latter end of this sixteenth yeare.

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