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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The bastard of Orleance, Anno Reg called the earle of Du|nois, the lord Rochford marshall of France, with o|ther, in the beginning of this thirtéenth yeare, tooke the towne of S. Denis by treason, skirmished with them of Paris, and leauing behind them a great gar|rison, tooke the towne of Howdone, and Pont saint Maxence by composition. And at the same time was the towne of Pont Meulan taken by the sudden sca|ling of two fishermen,A tourne s [...]|prised by e [...]|trance of a common pri|uie. who entered vp at a common priuie standing in the wall. Thus warre continuallie lasted betwixt these two mightie nations, English and French, within the realme of France (than which therefore no countrie thought more miserable.) And though the poore people and inhabitants of the good townes and villages,The [...] warre. susteined most losse in their substance, yet the men of warre oftentimes paied déerest for the bargaine, being daily slaine, wounded, and taken prisoners: for warre seldome beareth anie other fruit.

[It may serue verie well here to recount, W. P. how somewhat before these daies, Martin the fift,14 [...]4 in the fiftéenth yeare of his popedome, An. 1431, Onuphrius Pan [...]n [...]. agreeing vpon a generall councell to be holden at Basill the same yeare, did anon after deceasse: whom Eugenie the fourth succéeding, and liking right well of the time and place, by his authoritie signified and sent with Iulian Cesarine his legat, did confirme the choise. Wherevpon as the councell the ninetéenth of Iulie the same 1431 was there begun, and his holi|nesse soone after aduertised how malapertlie his ghostlie children had imbusied themselues in chec|king at their holie fathers faults, and about refor|mation of his church at Rome; his sublimitie therat highlie offended (for great cause it had) commanded his legat by and by to dissolue that synod, and in his name to appoint a new at Ferrar, and so come his waie: vnder colour forsooth how that place was mée|test for the prelats of the Gréeke church, who had to confer with the Latine councell about points of reli|gion, wherein they long had remained at square.

But these Basilien clerks, there still fastlie contei|ning themselues, so smallie regarded this summons of Eugenie (who then with his prelats, as the time was run on, vpon prorogation from Ferrar kept an other councell at Florence 1439) as by a confident countermand cited Eugenie & all his cardinals to come to them at their solemne set councell at Basill. Which his supremasie (for so best became it, notwith|standing sundrie citations) vtterlie contemning to doo, they soone after like verie impious imps, first for contumacie accurssed his holie fatherhood, then de|priued him of his papasie, and out of hand chose an|other in his office, one Amedeus late duke of Sa|uoie, who afore that time hauing giuen vp his pos|sessions & dignitie vnto his children, became an here|mite in a monasterie of his own building by mount Geuenna in Sauoie nigh the lake Leman, where he by title of Decanus militum Iesu Christi, and ten more of nobilitie with him, had setled themselues to liue.

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