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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane season, Anno Reg. [...] the Frenchmen entering into high Burgognie, burnt, tooke, and destroied di|uerse townes; wherevpon the Burgognians assem|bled a great armie, both to reuenge their quarrels, and to recouer their townes taken from them. To whome as to his freends the duke of Bedford sent the lord Willoughbie, and sir Thomas Kiriell, with a conuenient number of souldiers, which entering in|to the lands of Laonnois, were incountered with a great power of their enimies. But after long fight, the Frenchmen were ouerthrowne, and of them left dead in the field an hundred and sixtie horssemen, be|side prisoners,Prisoners killed. which after vpon vrgent cause were all killed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Whilest these things happened thus in France, Iohn lord Talbot gathered togither a crue of chosen men of warre in England, The lord Talbot s [...]|leth into France. to the number of eight hundred, and sailed into Normandie, and passed by Rone to Paris. In his waie he tooke the strong ca|stell of Ioing betwéene Beauuois and Gisours, and EEBO page image 609 caused all the Frenchmen within to be taken and hanged, and after raced and defaced the castell. After he had rested himselfe a while at Paris, and taken aduise with the councell there, what waie it should be best for him to take, without prolonging time; he with the lord de Lisle Adam and others, departed from thence, hauing in their retinues sixtéene hun|dred men of [...]. And comming to the castell of [...] vpon Oise, whereof was capteine sir A| [...]adour de Uignoils brother to the Hire, they found it abandoned by them that had it in kéeping, who were withdrawne to the towne of Creill.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The lord Talbot.Thither therefore the lord Talbot followed, who slaieng in a skirmish the said Amadour, he wan at length the said towne of Creill, and after the townes of Pont S. Maxence, Neufuile in Esmoie, la Rouge maison, Crespie in Ualois, & Cleremont in Beau|uois, and after with great riches and good prisoners returned to Paris. Neither had the lord Talbot such good and prosperous successe alone,Earle of A|rundell. but the earle of A|rundell also at the verie same season tooke the castell of Bomeline, & raced it to the ground, after he got by force the castell of Dorle, & from thence came to S. Selerine, where the lord Ambrose de Lore, being cap|teine, issued out and fought with the Englishmen so egerlie, that he droue them backe an arrow shoot by fine force: but the earle so incouraged his men, that they gaue a fresh onset vpon the Frenchmen, and fol|lowed it so fiercelie, that they slue a great number of them, and droue the residue into the towne.

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