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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But to returne to the affaires of king Henrie, who in the moneth of Nouember remooued from Rone to Pontoise, and so to saint Denis, to the intent to make his entrie into Paris, and there to be sacred king of France. There were in his companie of his owne nation, his vncle the cardinall of Winchester, the cardinall and archbishop of Yorke, the dukes of Bedford, Yorke, and Norffolke, the earles of War|wike, Salisburie, Oxenford, Huntington, Ormond, Mortaigne, and Suffolke. Of Gascoigns, there were the earles of Longuille and Marche, besides manie other noble men of England, Guien, and Norman|die. And the chéefe of the French nation were the dukes of Burgognie, and Lewes of Lutzenburgh, cardinall and chancellor of France for king Henrie: the bishops of Beauuois and Noion, both péeres of France, beside the bishop of Paris, and diuerse other bishops; the earle of Uaudemount, and other noble men, whose names were superfluous to rehearse. And he had in a gard about his person three thou|sand price archers, some on horssebacke, and part on foot.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 To speake with what honour he was receiued in|to the citie of Paris, what pageants were prepared, and how richlie the gates, streets, and bridges on eue|rie side were hanged with costlie clothes of arras & tapestrie, it would be too long a processe, and there|fore I doo héere passe it ouer with silence. On the sea|uentéenth daie of December,King Henrie the sixt crow|ned in Paris. he was crowned king of France, in our ladie church of Paris, by the cardi|nall of Winchester, the bishop of Paris not being contented that the cardinall should doo such an high ceremonie in his church and iurisdiction. After all the ceremonies were finished, the king returned toward the palace, hauing one crowne on his head, and ano|ther borne before him; and one scepter in his hand, and the second borne before him. As touching other the roiall seruices and princelie appointments, Le Rosier historiall. they are verie diligentlie & at large set out in the French chronicle of that time. This coronation of the king, Anglorum praelia as manie other good and memora|ble matters, so this also he hath noted, saieng thereof in comelie breuitie and truth, as after followeth:

Aeternae famae paulo post rege sepulto,
Parisijs, diadema vias & compita circum
Iunior Henricus portat lepidissimus infans.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This high and ioious feast passed not without some spot of displeasure among the English nobilitie: for the cardinall of Winchester, which at this time would haue no man be equall with him, commanded the duke of Bedford to leaue off the name of regent, during the time that the king was in France, affir|ming the cheefe ruler being in presence, the authoritie of the substitute to be cleerelie derogate, according to the common saieng; In the presence of the higher power, the smaller giueth place. The duke of Bedford tooke such a secret displeasure with this dooing, that he neuer after fauoured the cardinall, but stood against him in all things that he would haue forward. This was the root (as some haue thought) of that diuision amongst the English nobilitie, where through their glorie within the realme of France began first to decline.

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