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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Anno Reg. 9.Sir Iohn de Lutzenburgh was left by the duke of Burgognie as generall of the siege before Cam|piegne, the which he raised within a shorrt space after, contrarie to the minds of the Englishmen, which were verie desirous to haue lien there till the towne had béene rendered, which if the siege had béene conti|nued but eight daies longer, must needs haue come to passe; by reason that pestilence and famine had al|most consumed all the souldiers within the towne, so that it remained in maner without defense. After the breaking vp of this siege, Iohn duke of Norf|folke tooke againe the townes of Dampmartine, and the Chasse Mongaie, with diuerse other townes. Also the earle of Stafford tooke the towne of Brin countie Robert, and from thence forraged all the countrie to Sens, and after tooke Quesnoie in Brie, Grand Puis, and Rampellon.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 During this time, the Frenchmen on the other|side tooke Louiers, and Uilleneuf. Then also did the towne of Melun rebell, and had such aid of other townes adioining, that the English souldiers were faine to leaue Melun, Morret, and Corbell. Thus did things wauer in doubtfull balance betwixt the two nations English and French. But bicause the Eng|lish sore mistrusted further danger, it was concluded, that king Henrie in his roiall person with a new ar|mie should come into France, partlie to visit and comfort his owne subiects ther [...], and partlie either by feare or fauour (bicause a child of his age and beau|tie dooth commonlie procure them loue of elder per|sons) to moue the Frenchmen to continue their due obeisance towards him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherefore after a great host conuenient for that purpose assembled, and monie for maintenance of the warre readie gathered, and the realme set in an order vnder the gouernement of the duke of Gloce|ster protector (which during the kings absence appea|sed diuerse riots,King Henrie the sixt in per|son goeth with an armie into France. and punished the offendors) the king with a great power tooke shipping at Douer on saint Georges euen within night, and landed at Calis on the morrow being saint Georges daie, and sundaie,S. Albons. by seuen of the clocke in the morning. He remained in Calis a good space, Ed. Hall. and from thence he remoued to Rone, being there receiued with all triumph. He ta|ried in that citie a long time, his nobles dailie con|sulting on their great businesse & weightie affaires.

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