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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Here might either armie behold the other: where|vpon for the auoiding of dangers that might insue, the campes were trenched, and the battels pitched, and the fields ordered as though they should haue tried the matter by battell: but nothing was doone except with skirmishes, in the which the Normans sore vexed the Frenchmen; and therefore receiued great commendations & praises of the lord regent: who vndoubtedlie determined to haue giuen battell to his enimies if they would haue abidden it. But af|ter the armies had thus lien ether in sight of other, for the space of two daies togither, the French king not determining to aduenture in an open battell the whole chance of the game, least he might thereby re|ceiue a perpetuall checkemate, in the night season re|mooued his campe, and fled to Crespie, though his number was double to the English armie. The duke of Bedford, Anno Reg. [...] séeing that the French king was thus cowardlie recoiled with all his power and armie, re|turned againe to Paris, euer suspecting the deceit|full faith of the Parisiens.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The bishop of Winchester, after that the French king was retreated backe, went into Boheme,Boheme. and there did somewhat, though shortlie after without a|nie great praise or gaine he returned into England, more glad of his comming backe than of his aduan|cing forward. Anon after the pope vnlegated him,The pope [...] vnlegat the cardinall of Winchester. K. Henrie [...] coronation at Westminster. and set an other in his place, wherewith he was no|thing contented. On the sixt daie of Nouember, be|ing the daie of saint Leonard, king Henrie in the eight yeare of his reigne was at Westminster with all pompe and honour crowned king of this realme of England. In the same yere the French king was receiued into the towne of Campaigne, and shortlie after were the townes of Senlis and Beauuois ren|dered to him. And the lord Longueuall tooke by stelth the castell of Aumarle, and slue all the Englishmen within it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Also about the same time, Thom. Wi [...]. the Frenchmen recoue|red castell Galiard foorth of the Englishmens hands, where the lord Barbason was found in a dungeon, EEBO page image 603 inclosed within a great grate of iron like to a little chamber, and foorthwith they brake open the grate: but Barbason would not come foorth; because he had giuen his faith and promise to one Kingston that was capteine of that fortresse for the king of Eng|land, to be true prisoner, vntill the Frenchmen had sent to the same Kingston (that was departed vpon such couenants as they were agréed vpon at the deli|uerie of that fortresse) willing him to come backe a|gaine vpon safe conduct. Which at their earnest re|quest he did, and withall discharged the lord Barba|son of his oth; and so then he came foorth, and remai|ned at his libertie, to the great reioising of the Frenchmen, which iudged that he had béene rather dead than aliue all that time of his imprisonment.

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