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Anno Reg. 7. Orleance be|sieged.

Bastard of Orleance.

After this, in the moneth of September the earle came before the citie of Orleance, and planted his siege on the one side of the riuer of Loire; but before his comming, the bastard of Orleance, the bishop of the citie, and a great number of Scots, hearing of the earles intent, made diuerse fortifications about the towne, and destroied the suburbes, in which were twelue parish churches, and foure orders of friers. They cut also downe all the vines, trees, and bushes, within fiue leagues of the citie, so that the English|men should haue neither refuge nor succour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the siege had continued full thrée weekes, the bastard of Orleance issued out of the gate of the bridge; and fought with the Englishmen; but they re|ceiued him with so fierce and terrible strokes, that he was with all his companie compelled to retire and flee backe into the citie. But the Englishmen follow|ed so fast, in killing and taking of their enimies, that they entered with them.A bulworke at Orleance taken. ¶ The bulworke of the bridge, with a great tower standing at the end of the same, was taken incontinentlie by the Englishmen, who behaued themselues right valiantlie vnder the conduct of their couragious capteine, Abr. Fl. as at this as|sault, so in diuerse skirmishes against the French; partlie to kéepe possession of that which Henrie the fift had by his magnanimitie & puissance atchiued, as also to inlarge the same. But all helped not. For who can hold that which will awaie? In so much that some cities by fraudulent practises, othersome by martiall prowesse were recouered by the French, to the great discouragement of the English and the ap|palling of their spirits; whose hope was now dashed partlie by their great losses and discomfitures (as af|ter you shall heare) but chéeflie by the death of the late deceassed Henrie their victorious king; as Chr. Ok|land verie truelie and agréeable to the storie noteth:

Dolphinus, comitésque eius fera praelia tentant,
Fraude domi capi [...]nt alias, virtute receptae
Sunt vrbes aliae qu [...]dam, sublapsa refertur
Anglûm spes retrò, languescere pectora dicas,
Quippe erat Henricus quintus, dux strenuus olim,
Mortuus: hinc damni grauior causa atque doloris.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 In this conflict, manie Frenchmen were taken, but more were slaine, and the kéeping of the tower and bulworke was committed to William Glasdale esquier. By the taking of this bridge the passage was stopped that neither men nor vittels could go or come by that waie. After this, the earle caused certeine bul|workes to be made round about the towne, casting trenches betwéene the one and the other, laieng ordi|nance in euerie place where he saw that any batterie might be deuised. When they within saw that they were enuironed with fortresses and ordinance, they laid gun against gun, and fortified towers against bulworkes, and within cast new rampiers, and forti|fied themselues as stronglie as might be deuised.

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