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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The earle in his returne wan the castell of Mont|dublean by surrender;The earle of Warwike made gouer|nour of the yoong king. where he left the valiant lord Willoughbie, and then returned to Paris. During which season, he was ordeined by the thrée estates of the realme of England, to be gouernour of the yoong king in the place of the duke of Excester deceassed: howbeit, he did not as yet returne into England, but remained in France for a season, and atchieued manie worthie enterprises. Whilest the lord regent of France was thus in England, Anno Reg. 5. meanes was made by the duke of Burgognie, for the deliuerie of the duke of Alanson, taken at the battell of Uer|noile, and now for the summe of two hundred thou|sand crownes he was set at libertie; but he would not by anie meanes acknowlege the king of England to be his liege and souereigne lord.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After that the duke of Bedford had set all things in good order in England, he tooke leaue of the king, and togither with his wife returned into France, first landing at Calis, where the bishop of Winche|ster (that also passed the seas with him) r [...]ceiued the habit, hat, and dignitie of a cardinall,

The [...] Winchester made a [...].

W. P.

with all cere|monies to it apperteining: which promotion, the late K. right déeplie persing into the vnrestrainable am|bitious mind of the man, that euen from his youth was euer to checke at the highest: and also right well ascerteined with what intollerable pride his head should soone be swollen vnder such a hat: did there|fore all his life long kéepe this prelat backe from that presumptuous estate. But now the king being yoong and the regent his fréend, he obteined his purpose, to his great profit, and the impouerishing of the spiri|tualtie of this realme. For by a bull legantine, which he purchased from Rome, he gathered so much trea|sure, that no man in maner had monie but he: so that he was called the rich cardinall of Winchester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After that the lord regent was arriued in France, the lord of Rustinian, marshall of Britaine, assem|bled a great companie of the British nation, which fortified and repared the towne of Pontorson: and after, the said marshall, with a thousand men, ente|red into the countrie of Constantine, and comming before the towne of Auranches, was incountered by the Englishmen of that garrison; & after long fight, his people were put to the worse, chased,The lord of Rustinian taken and his people slain [...] and disco [...]|ted. and discom|fited, and he himselfe taken prisoner in the field. The duke of Bedford, hearing that the towne of Pontor|son, situate within two leagues of Mont Saint Michaell, was newlie fortified, and stronglie defen|ded, sent thither the earle of Warwike, accompa|nied with the lord Scales, and other valiant cap|teins and souldiers, to the number of seauen thou|sand men, to besiege the towne; who so inuironed it on euerie side, that no man could steale neither in nor out.

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