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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Somewhat before this season fell a great diuision in the realme of England, which of a sparkle was like to haue grown to a great flame. For whether the bishop of Winchester called Henrie Beaufort,Dissenti [...] betwixt the duke of Glo|cester and the bishop of W [...]|chester. sonne to Iohn duke of Lancaster by his third wife, enuied the authoritie of Humfreie duke of Glocester, pro|tectour of the realme; or whether the duke disdained at the riches and pompous estate of the bishop: sure it is that the whole realme was troubled with them and their partakers: so that the citizens of London were faine to kéepe dailie and nightlie watches, and to shut vp their shops for feare of that which was doubted to haue insued of their assembling of people about them. The archbishop of Canturburie and the duke of Quimbre, called the prince of Portingale, EEBO page image 591 rode eight times in one daie betwéene the two par|ties, and so the matter was staied for a time. But the bishop of Winchester, to cléere himselfe of blame so farre as he might, and to charge his nephue the lord protectour with all the fault, wrote a letter to the re|gent of France, the tenor whereof insueth.

15.1. The bishop of Winchesters letter excusatorie.

The bishop of Winchesters letter excusatorie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _RIght high and mightie prince, and my right noble, and after one, lieuest lord, I recommend me vnto you with all my hart. And as you desire the welfare of the king our souereigne lord, and of his realmes of England and France, your owne health, and ours also: so hast you hither. For by my truth, if you tarie, we shall put this land in aduenture with a field; such a brother you haue here, God make him a good man. For your wisedome knoweth, that the profit of France standeth in the welfare of Eng|land, &c. Written in great hast on Allhal|lowen euen. By your true seruant to my liues end, Henrie Winchester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Bedford being sore greeued and dis|quieted with these newes, constituted the earle of Warwike, which was latelie come into France with six thousand men, his lieutenant in the French dominions, and in the duchie of Normandie; and so with a small companie, he with the duchesse his wife returned againe ouer the seas into England, and the tenth daie of Ianuarie he was with all solem|nitie receiued into London, to whome the citizens gaue a paire of basins of siluer and gilt, and a thou|sand markes in monie. Then from London he rode to Westminster, and was lodged in the kings pa|lace. The fiue and twentith daie of March after his comming to London,A parlement holden at Lei|cester. a parlement began at the towne of Leicester; where the duke of Bedford open|lie rebuked the lords in generall, bicause that they in the time of warre, thorough their priuie malice and inward grudge, had almost mooued the people to warre and commotion, in which time all men ought or should be of one mind, hart, and consent: requi|ring them to defend, serue, & dread their souereigne lord king Henrie, in performing his conquest in France, which was in manner brought to conclu|sion. In this parlement the duke of Glocester laid certeine articles to the bishop of Winchester his charge, the which with the answers hereafter doo in|sue; as followeth.

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