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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After all these things doone in England and in France, Humfreie duke of Glocester, who had mar|ried the ladie Iaquet, or Iaqueline of Bauier, coun|tesse of Heinault, Holland, and Zeland (notwith|standing she was coupled in marriage afore to Iohn duke of Brabant, as yet liuing, and had continued with him a long space) passed now the sea with the said ladie, and went to Mons or Bergen in Hei|nault, where the more part of the people of that coun|trie came and submitted themselues vnto him, as to their souereigne lord, in right of his said wife, the ladie Iaquet or Iaqueline: with which dooing hir for|mer husband was greatlie mooued. And likewise the duke of Burgognie, being great friend to the same duke of Brabant, was much offended: who of old fa|miliaritie wrote louinglie to the duke of Glocester, requiring him to reforme himselfe according to rea|son, and to forsake his vngodlie life, both in kéeping of an other mans wife, and also in séeking to vsurpe other mens rights and titles.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon went letters betwixt them for a time, but at length when the duke of Burgognie perceiued that the duke of Glocester meant to mainteine his interest, & to make warre against the duke of Bra|bant; he tooke part with the duke of Brabant so ear|nestlie, that he consented to fight with the duke of Glocester bodie to bodie within lists in defense of the duke of Brabants quarell, and further aided the duke of Brabant in his warres against the duke of Glo|cester, with all his puissance, insomuch that in the end (after the duke of Glocesters returne into Eng|land) the duke of Brabant recouered all the towns in Heinault, which the ladie Iaquet or Iaqueline held against him. And further the same ladie was by com|position deliuered by them of the towne of Mons vn|to the duke of Burgognie; who caused hir to be con|ueied vnto Gant, from whence she made shift to e|scape into Holland, where she was obeied as coun|tesse of the countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Then made she warre in hir owne defense against the dukes of Burgognie and Brabant, who sought to spoile hir of all hir towns and lands: but they pro|cured pope Martin the fift (before whome the matter was) to giue sentence that the first matrimonie with the duke of Brabant was good, and the second with the duke of Glocester to be vnlawfull. But in the meane time, the lord Fitz Walter was sent ouer to the aid of the ladie Iaquet or Iaquelin, with a power of Englishmen, landed in Zeland, neere vnto the towne of Zerixe, aginst whome came the duke of Burgognie, and incountering with them and other such Hollanders and Zelanders, as were ioined with them, néere to a place called Brewers hauen, there discomfited them; so that of English, Hollanders, and Zelanders, with the said lord Fitz Walter, were slaine seauen or eight hundred, and the residue chased to the water. At length, when the duke of Glocester vnderstood the sentence pronounced against him by the pope, he began to wax wearie of his wife the said ladie Iaquet, by whome he neuer had profit, but losse, and tooke in a second marriage Eleanor Cobham, daughter to the lord Cobham of Sterberow, which before (as the fame went) was his souereigne para|mour, to his slander and dishonour.

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