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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this fortunate victorie was the earle of Sa|lisburie made (by the lord regent) lieutenant and vice|gerent for the king and the said lord regent in the countries of France, Brie, and Champaigne; Anno Reg. [...]. and sir Iohn Fastolf was substituted deputie vnder the lord regent within the duchie of Normandie on this side the riuer of Seine; and withall he was also made go|uernour of the countries of Aniou and Maine. The earle of Salisburie after fiue moneths siege, wan by surrender the towne and castell of Montaguillon in Brie; the capteins whereof, the one named Pregent of Cotinie, and Guille Bourgois Britons, sware ne|uer EEBO page image 587 to beare armour against the Englishmen on this side the riuer of Loire. In the meane time of that siege, the earle of Suffolke tooke by force the ca|stell of Coucie, and the strong castell of la Roch in Masconnois he got by appointment.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this second yeare of king Henrie the sixt, Iames (the first of that name & the hundred & second K. of Scotland, tooke to wife the ladie Iane, daugh|ter to Iohn earle of Summerset deceassed, Ann. 1423, per Buchanan. and sister to Iohn then duke of Summerset, and also coosine germane remoued to king Henrie, and neece to the duke of Winchester, and to the duke of Excester) was set at libertie, couenanting to paie a small por|tion of monie more than was allowed to him for his wiues marriage monie, and left hostages for the same.Homage doone by the king of Scotland to king Henrie the sixt. But before his departure out of the realme, he did his homage vnto the yoong king of Eng|land Henrie the sixt at the castell of Windsor, before thrée dukes, two archbishops, twelue earles, ten bi|shops, twentie barons, and two hundred knights and esquiers, beside others, in order of words according to the tenour hereafter following.

15.1. The formall recognisance or acknowledgement of the said homage.

The formall recognisance or acknowledgement of the said homage.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _I Iames Steward, K. of Scots, shall be true and faithfull vnto you lord Henrie by the grace of God king of England & France, the noble and superiour lord of the king|dome of Scotland; and to you I make my fidelitie for the same kingdome of Scot|land, which I hold and claime of you; and I shall beare you my faith and fidelitie of life and lim, and worldlie honour against all men; and faithfullie I shall knowledge and shall doo you seruice due for the kingdome of Scotland aforesaid. So God helpe me, and these holie euangelists.

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