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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the sixt yeare of king Henries reigne, Anno Reg. [...] he sent the earle of Warwike, and the lord Talbot, to be|siege the strong castell of Dampfront. The duke of Clarence was also sent to besiege and subdue other townes, vnto whome, at one time and other, we find, that these townes vnderwritten were yéelded, where|in he put capteins as followeth.Townes in Normandie yeelded to K. Henrie. In Courton Iohn Aubin, in Barney William Houghton, in Cham|bis Iames Neuill, in Bechelouin the earle Mar|shall, in Harecourt Richard Wooduill esquier, in Fangernon Iohn S. Albon, in Creuener sir Iohn Kirbie to whom it was giuen, in Anuilliers Robert Hornebie, in Bagles sir Iohn Arthur, in Fresnie le vicont sir Robert Brent.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Glocester the same time, accompani|ed with the earle of March, the lord Greie of Cod|ner, and other, was sent to subdue the townes in the Ile of Constantine, vnto whome these townes here|after mentioned were yeelded, where he appointed capteins as followeth. At Carentine the lord Bo|treux, at Saint Lo Reginald West, at Ualoignes Thomas Burgh, at Pont Done Danie Howell, at the Haie de Pais sir Iohn Aston, at saint Sauieur le vicont sir Iohn Robsert, at Pontorson sir Robert Gargraue, at Hamberie the earle of Suffolke lord of that place by gift, at Briqueuill the said earle al|so by gift, at Auranches sir Philip Hall bailiffe of Alanson, at Uire the lord Matreuers, at S. Iames de Beumeron the same lord.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After that the duke had subdued to the kings do|minion, the most part of all the townes in that Ile of Constantine, Chierburgh excepted, he returned to the king,Chierburgh besieged by the English. and forthwith was sent thither againe to be|siege that strong fortresse, which was fensed with men, munition, vittels, and strong walles, towers, and turrets, in most defensible wise, by reason where|of it was holden against him the space of fiue mo|neths, although he vsed all waies and meanes possi|ble to annoie them within, so that manie fierce as|saults, skirmishes, issues, and other exploits of warre were atchiued, betwixt the Frenchmen within, and the Englishmen without: yet at length, the French|men were so constreind by power of baterie, mines, and other forceable waies of approchings, that they were glad to compound to deliuer the place, if no re|scue came to raise the siege, either from the Dolphin, that their was retired into Aquitaine, or from the duke of Burgognie that then laie at Paris, within the terme of thrée score and two daies (for so long re|spit the duke granted) but they trusting further vpon his lenitie and gentlenesse hoped to get a far longer terme.

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