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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this fourth yeare of king Henries reigne, the emperour Sigismund, Anno Reg. 4. The emperor Sigismund commeth [...] England. coosine germane to king Henrie, came into England, to the intent that he might make an attonement betwéene king Henrie and the French king: with whom he had beene before, bringing with him the archbishop of Remes, as am|bassadour for the French king. Titus Liuius. At Calis he was ho|norablie receiued by the earle of Warwike lord de|putie there, and diuerse other lords sent thither of pur|pose to attend him. Moreouer, the king sent thither thirtie great ships to bring him and his traine ouer. At Douer the duke of Glocester,The stran [...] manner of re|ceiuing the emperour [...] Douer. and diuerse other lords were readie to receiue him, who at his approch|ing to land, entered the water with their swords in their hands drawen; and by the mouth of the said duke declared to him, that if he intended to enter the land as the kings fréend, and as a mediator to intreat for peace, he should be suffered to arriue: but if he would enter as an emperour into a land claimed to be vn|der his empire, then were they readie to resist him. This was thought necessarie to be doone for sauing of the kings prerogatiue, who hath full preheminence within his owne realme, as an absolute emperour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the emperour herevpon answered that he was come as the kings fréend, and as a mediator for peace, and not with any imperiall authoritie, he was of the duke and other his associats receiued with all such honor as might be deuised. The king with all his nobilitie receiued him on Blackheath, the seuenth day of Maie, and brought him through London to Westminster with great triumph. Shortlie after there came also into England Albert duke of Hol|land, who was likewise fréendlie interteined.Albert duke of Holland cõmeth [...] England. Both these princes, the emperour and the duke of Holland were conueied to Windsore to saint Georges feast, and elected companions of the noble order of the gar|ter, and had the collar and habit of the same to them deliuered, and sat in their s [...]als all the solemnitie of the feast. Shortlie after that the feast was finished, the duke of Holland returned into his countrie; but the emperour tarried still, and assaied all maner of meanes to persuade the king to a peace with the Frenchmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But their euill hap, as they that were appointed by Gods prouidence to suffer more damage at the Eng|lishmens hands, would not permit his persuasions to take place: for whereas peace was euen almost entring in at the gates, the king was suddenlie stir|red EEBO page image 557 to displeasure vpon a new occasion, for he being aduertised of the losse of his men at the late conflict in the territorie of Rone (as ye haue heard) refused to heare this word peace once named. The emperour like a wise princ [...] p [...]ssed ouer that time till another season,The emperor [...]n earnest me|diator for peace. that some fauourable aspect of the planets should séeme to f [...]rther his purpose. And when he thought the same was come, he br [...]ed againe the vessell of concord and amitie, which he put in so faire a cup, and presented it with such effectuous words, that [...]uerlie the king had tasted it, if word had not béen brought about the same time, that Harflue was besieged of the French both by water and land,Harflue besie|ged by the French. as it was indéed; for the constable of France incouraged by his last conflict (though the same was not much to his praise) assembled an armie, and vpon a sudden laid siege to the towne. At the same instant Iohn vi|count of Narbon the vice-admerall of France, brought the whole nauie to the riuage and shore ad|ioining to the towne, in purpose to haue entered by the waterside; but the duke of Excester defeated his intent, and defended the towne verie manfullie.

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