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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the second yeare of his reigne, king Henrie called his high court of parlement, Anno Reg. 2. 1414 the last daie of A|prill in the towne of Leicester, in which parlement manie profitable lawes were concluded, and manie petitions mooued, were for that time deferred. A|mongst which, one was, that a bill exhibited in the parlement holden at Westminster in the eleuenth yeare of king Henrie the fourth (which by reason the king was then troubled with ciuill discord, came to none effect) might now with good deliberation be pondered, and brought to some good conclusion. The effect of which supplication was,A bill exhibi|ted to the par|lemẽt against the clergie. that the temporall lands deuoutlie giuen, and disordinatlie spent by re|ligious, and other spirituall persons, should be seized into the kings hands, sith the same might suffice to mainteine, to the honor of the king, and defense of the realme, fiftéene earles, fiftéene hundred knights, six thousand and two hundred esquiers, and a hundred almesse-houses, for reliefe onelie of the poore, impo|tent, and needie persons, and the king to haue cleere|lie to his coffers twentie thousand pounds, with ma|nie other prouisions and values of religious houses, which I passe ouer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This bill was much noted, and more feared among the religious sort, whom suerlie it touched verie neere, and therefore to find remedie against it, they deter|mined to assaie all waies to put by and ouerthrow this bill: wherein they thought best to trie if they might mooue the kings mood with some sharpe in|uention, that he should not regard the importunate petitions of the commons. Wherevpon, on a daie in the parlement, Henrie Chichelie archbishop of Can|turburie made a pithie oration, wherein he declared,The archbi|shop of Can|turburies o|ration in the parlement house. how not onelie the duchies of Normandie and Aqui|taine, with the counties of Aniou and Maine, and the countrie of Gascoigne, were by vndoubted title ap|perteining to the king, as to the lawfull and one|lie heire of the same; but also the whole realme of France, as heire to his great grandfather king Ed|ward the third.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herein did he much inueie against the surmised and false fained law Salike,The Salike law. which the Frenchmen alledge euer against the kings of England in barre of their iust title to the crowne of France. The verie words of that supposed law are these, In terram Sali|cam mulieres ne succedant, that is to saie, Into the Sa|like land let not women succeed. Which the French glossers expound to be the realme of France, and that this law was made by king Pharamond; where|as yet their owne authors affirme, that the land Sa|like is in Germanie, betwéene the riuers of Elbe and Sala; and that when Charles the great had ouer|come the Saxons, he placed there certeine French|men, which hauing in disdeine the dishonest maners of the Germane women, made a law, that the fe|males should not succéed to any inheritance within that land, which at this daie is called Meisen,Mesina so that if this be true, this law was not made for the realme of France, nor the Frenchmen possessed the land Sa|like, till foure hundred and one and twentie yeares after the death of Pharamond, the supposed maker of this Salike law, for this Pharamond deceassed in the yeare 426, and Charles the great subdued the Saxons, and placed the Frenchmen in those parts beyond the riuer of Sala, in the yeare 805.

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