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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 They tooke shipping at Douer, & landed at Sluis, from whence with speedie iournies in the latter end of this twelfth yeare of king Henries reigne they came to Arras, where they found the duke of Bur|gognie, of whom they were ioifullie receiued, & from thence he appointed them to go vnto Peron, where he assembled a power also of his owne subiects, and re|moouing from thence, he marched through the coun|trie, by Roie, Bretueill, Beauois, and Gisors, till he came with his armie vnto Pontois, where he remai|ned about the space of thrée wéeks. Anno Reg. 13. From Pontois the two and twentith of October, the duke of Burgo|gnie marched towards Paris, and passing the riuer of Saine at Pont Meulene, he staid not till he came to Paris, into the which he entred the 23 of October, late in the euening. The duke of Orleance laie at the same time at saint Denis, with the more part of his armie, & the residue kept the towne of S. Clou, where a bridge laie ouer the riuer of Saine.Saint Clou taken by the helpe of the Englishmen. On the 9 of Nouember, with hard & sharpe fight the Eng|lishmen gat the towne of saint Clou, with the bridge, slue & drowned nine hundred souldiors that were set there to defend that passage, besides 400 that were taken prisoners. They tooke also aboue 12 hundred horsses, which they found in the towne, with great ri|ches, whereof the men of warre made their profit.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Among other prisoners, sir Manserd de Bos a va|liant capteine was taken,Sir Man|serd de Bos put to death. and shortlie after put to death, as diuerse other were, which the Burgognians bought of the Englishmen that had taken them pri|soners. The tower that stood at the end of the bridge could not be woone. At an other bickering also, it chanced that the Englishmen, Harding. vnder the leading of the earle of Angus or Kime, had the vpper hand, and tooke manie prisoners, whom the duke of Burgognie would that they should haue béene likewise put to death as traitors to their countrie, but the said earle of Angus answered for himselfe, and the residue of the Englishmen, that they would rather die all in the place, than suffer their prisoners to be vsed other|wise than as men of war ought to be, that is, to haue their liues saued, and to be ransomed according as the law of armes required, and by that meanes they were preserued. The duke of Burgognie hauing the world at will (for the duke of Orleance immediatlie after the losse of saint Clou, departing from saint Denis, got him into the high countries) sent home the Englishmen with hartie thanks, and great re|wards.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 This yeare, Recor. Turris. Creations of noblemen. the king created his brother Thomas Beauford earle of Dorset, and his sonne the lord Tho|mas of Lancaster, that was lord steward of Eng|land, and earle of Aubemarle, he created duke of Clarence. Iohn duke of Burgognie, hauing now the gouernance both of the French king and his relme, Hall. so persecuted the duke of Orleance and his compli|ces,The Orlean|tiall factiõ su|eth to the K. of England for aid. that finallie they for their last refuge required aid of king Henrie, sending ouer vnto him certeine per|sons as their lawfull procurators (of the which one was called Albert Aubemont, a man of great wit, learning, & audacitie) to offer in name of the confede|rates vnto the said king Henrie and to his sonnes, certeine conditions, which were made and concluded the yeare of our Lord 1412, the eight of Maie. The names of the chiefe confederats were these,The confede|rates of the Orleantiall faction. Iohn duke of Berrie and earle of Poictou, Charles duke of Orleance, and Ualois erle of Blois, and Beaumont EEBO page image 538 lord of Coucie and Ach, Iohn duke of Bourbon, and Auuergne earle of Clearmont forest, and Lisle lord of Beau [...]eu, and Casteau Chinon, Iohn duke of A|lanson, Barnard earle of Arminacke, and others. The effect of the articles which these confederats were agréed, vpon touching their offer to the king of England, were as followeth.

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