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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Besides the diuerse noble exploits, and famous warlike enterprises atchiued by this valiant sonne of Mars, he (to continue the perpetuall memorie of his name) builded the bridge of Rochester, ouer the riuer of Medwaie with a chappell at the end thereof; he repared also the bodie of the church of the White friers where he was buried,He built Ro|chester bridge commonlie called Knols bridge. which church was first founded by the ancestour of the lord Greie of Cod|ner. He also founded a college of secular priests at Pomfret, and did manie other things in his life right commendable. Thom. Wals. Sir Thomas Rampston constable of the tower was drowned, in comming from the court as he would haue shut the bridge, the streame being so big, that it ouerturned his barge. Anno Reg. 9. This yeare the EEBO page image 534 twentith of October began a parlement holden at Glocester, but remooued to London as should ap|peare in Nouember; for (as we find) in that moneth this yéere 1407, Thom. Wals. A subsidie. and ninth of this kings reigne, a sub|sidie was granted by authoritie of a parlement then assembled at London, to be leuied through the whole realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The lord Ca|mois arreig|ned & acquitedThe lord Camois was arreigned the last of Octo|ber, before Edmund earle of Kent that daie high steward of England, and by his péeres acquit of the offense, whereof he had beene indicted (as before yee haue heard) and so dismissed at the barre, was resto|red againe both to his goods, lands, and offices. ¶This yeare the winter was excéeding sharpe through frost and snow that continued & couered the ground by all the moneths of December, Ianuarie, Februa|rie, and March, insomuch that thrushes, blackbirds, and manie thousand birds of the like smaller size, perished with verie cold and hunger.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Northumberland, and the lord Bar|dolfe, after they had béene in Wales, in France and Flanders, to purchase aid against king Henrie, were returned backe into Scotland, and had remai|ned there now for the space of a whole yeare: and as their euill fortune would, whilest the king held a councell of the nobilitie at London,The earle of Northumb. & the lord Bar|dolfe returne into Englãd. the said earle of Northumberland and lord Bardolfe, in a dismall houre, with a great power of Scots returned into England, recouering diuerse of the earls castels and seigniories, for the people in great numbers resorted vnto them. Héerevpon incouraged with hope of good successe, they entred into Yorkeshire, & there began to destroie the countrie. At their cõming to Threske, they published a proclamation, signifieng that they were come in comfort of the English nation, as to reléeue the common-wealth, willing all such as lo|ued the libertie of their countrie, to repaire vnto them, with their armor on their backes, and in defen|sible wise to assist them.

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