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13.1. The letter of atturnie wherby the bishop authorised diuerse to take possession of Tinebridge.

The letter of atturnie wherby the bishop authorised diuerse to take possession of Tinebridge.

_THomas Dei gratia episcopus Dunel|mensis omnibus ad quos praesentes litte|rae peruenerint salutem. Sciatis quòd assignauimus & deputauimus dilectos & fideles nostros Radulphum de Ewrie cheualier senescallum nostrũ Dunelmiae, Williamum Chan|celer cancellarium, infra comitatum & libertatem Dunelmiae, ac Williamum Claxton vicecomitem nostrum Dunelmiae coniunctim & diuisim, ad ple|nam & pacificam seisinam, de duabus partibus medie [...]atis cuiusdam pontis vocati Tinebridge, in villa nostra de Gatesheued, infra comitatum & libertatem Dunelmiae existentis. Quae quidem duae partes medietatis praedictae, continent & faciunt tertiam partem eiusdem pontis vsque austrum, in praedicta villa de Gatesheued. Super quas duas par|tes nuper maior & communitas villae Noui castri super Tinam, quandam turrim de nouo aedificare caeperũt, & quas quidem duas partes cum franche|sijs, iurisdictionibus, & iuribus regalibus super easdem duas partes medietatis praedictae, nuper in curia domini regis versus maiorem & communi|tatem dictae villae Noui castrire cuperauimus nobis EEBO page image 533 & successoribus nostris episcopis Dunelmiae, & in iure ecclesiae nostrae sancti Cuthberti Dunelmiae possidendas de vicecomite Westmerlandiae, prae|textu eiusdẽ breuis dicti domini regis sibi directi nomine nostro recipiendas; & turrim praedictã ad opus nostrum saluò & securè custodiẽdam. Ratum & gratum habiturus quicquid idẽ Radulphus, Wil|liamus & Willielmus nomine nostro fecerint in praemissis. In cuius rei testimonium has litteras nostras fierifecimus patentes. Datum Dunelmiae per manus Williami Cancellarij nostri 26 Octo|bris, anno pontificatus nostri vndecimo.

According wherevnto in the said yeare, possession was deliuered in the presence of these persons, whose names I thinke not vnmeet for their posterities cause to be remembred, being persons of good credit and of antiquitie, that is to saie, Iohn Lomelie, Rafe Ewraie, Robert Hilton, William Fulthrop, Wil|liam Tempest, Thomas Suerties, Robert Coniers. Cog|niers, William Claxton shiriffe of Durham, Ro|bert deOgle. Egle, Iohn Bertram, Iohn Widerington, and Iohn Middleton knights of Northumberland, Christopher Morslie, Will. Osmunderlaw knights of Westmerland; and also in the presence of these es|quiers, Robert Hilton, Robert Ewrie, William Bowes, Iohn Coniers, William Lampton the el|der, Iohn de Morden, William Lampton the yoon|ger, Hugh Burunghell, Iohn Britlie, William Bel|lingham, Robert Belthis, Henrie Talboies; Tho|mas Garbois, Iohn de Hutton, William Hutton, Thomas Cooke of Fisburne, and fiue others. This bishop also procured certeine liberties from the pope in the church of Durham, by vertue of which grant they which were excommunicate (and might not in|ioy the priuilege of any sacraments, in other places throughout the bishoprike) should yet baptise their children in a font of that church, in an especiall place appointed therefore, and also receiue the other sacra|ments there to be administred vnto them. He died the eight and twentith of Nouember in the yeare of our redemption 1437, and was buried in the church of Durham in the chanterie which he had before erec|ted. Before whose death at his manour of Holdon he builded all the west gates there of goodlie stone and lime, with the chambers thereto belonging on which he placed his armes.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Orleance hauing leuied a mightie ar|mie, The duke of Orleance be|s [...]geth towns in Gascoigne. had besieged the townes of Burge and Blaie in Gascoigne, meaning with force to win the same; but so it fortuned, that for the space of eight wéekes togi|ther, there passed not one daie without tempest of raine, snow, and haile, mixed with winds and light|nings, which killed aswell men as cattell, by reason whereof he lost (as was reported) six thousand men, so that he was constreined to breake vp his camps from before both those townes, and to get him awaie with dishonor, for all his brags and boasts made at his first comming thither.Henrie Paie [...] valiant sea man. The sametime, Henrie Paie and certeine other persons of the fiue ports, with fiftéene ships, tooke an hundred and twentie poises, which laie at anchor in and about the coast of Britaine, laden with iron, salt, oile, & Ro [...]hell wines.

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