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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Wherevpon no small grudge rose betwixt those that so slue him, and the said lord Flemings friends. For this and other matters, such dissention sproong vp amongst the Scotish nobilitie, that one durst not trust another,Dissention a|mõg the Sco|tish nobilitie. so that they were glad to sue for a truce betwixt England and them, which was granted to indure for one yeare, as in some books we find recor|ded. This truce being obteined, Robert king of Scotland (vpon considerations, as in the Scotish hi|storie ye may read more at large) sent his eldest son Iames intituled prince of Scotland (a child not past nine yeares of age) to be conueied into France,

Eleuen years saith Har|ding.

The prince of Scotland staid here in England.

vn|der the conduct of the earle of Orkenie, and a bishop, in hope that he might there both remaine in safetie, and also learne the French toong.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But it fortuned, that as they sailed neare to the English coast about Flambrough head in Holder|nesse, their ship was taken and staied by certeine mariners of Claie (a towne in Norffolke) that were abroad the same time; and so he and all his companie being apprehended the thirtith of March, was conuei|ed to Windsore, where though he had letters from his father, which he presented to the king, conteining a request in his sonnes behalfe for fauour to be shew|ed towards him, if by chance he landed within any of his dominions: yet was he deteined, and as well he himselfe as the earle of Orkenie was committed to EEBO page image 532 safe keeping in the Tower of London, but the bishop got away and escaped (as some write) by what means I know not. By the Scotish writers we find that this chanced in the yeare 1404, that is, two yeares before the time noted in diuerse English writers, as Thomas Walsingham and other. But Harding saith it was in the ninth yeare of king Henries reigne, to wit, in the yeare 1408.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 But whensoeuer it chanced, it is to be thought, that there was no truce at that present betweene the two realmes, but that the warre was rather open, sith diuerse English rebels still remained in Scot|land, Hall. and were there succored to the high displeasure of king Henrie. ¶ By authoritie of the parlement that all this time continued, the Britons that serued the quéene, with two of hir daughters were banished the realme. Robert Halome chancellor of Oxford, as then being in the popes court at Rome,Robert Ha|lome archb. of Yorke. was crea|ted archbishop of Yorke. ¶Moreouer the same time, the pope gaue vnto Thomas Langlie the bishoprike of Durham, which by the death of Walter Skirlow was then void. In the summer of this yeare, the la|die Philip the kings yoonger daughter was sent ouer to hir affianced husband, Erike king of Denmarke, Norwaie,

The king and the queéne brought hir to Lin where she tooke ship|ping.

Tho. Walsi.

and Sweden, being conueied thither with great pompe, and there married to the said king, where she tasted (according to the common spéech v|sed in praieng for the successe of such as match togi|ther in mariage) both ioy and some sorrow among. There attended hir thither Henrie Bowet bishop of Bath, and the lord Richard brother to the duke of Yorke.

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