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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 King Henrie wanting monie in the feast of saint Faith the virgine, Anno Reg. 6. assembled at Couentrie his high EEBO page image 526 court of parlement, in the which, the lord Stephan Scroope of Masham, and the lord Henrie Fitz Hugh obteined first to haue places of barons. Moreouer, it is to be noted,The l [...]ymens parlement. that this was called The laie mans parlement, bicause the shiriffes were appointed to haue a speciall regard, that none should be chosen knights for the counties, nor burgesses for the cities and townes, that had any skill in the lawes of the land. This was doone, and when they came togither to talke of the weightie affaires of the realme, spe|ciallie how the king might be relieued with monie, to beare such charges as he was knowen to be at, as well in defending the realme from the Scots and Welshmen at home, as from the Britains, Fle|mings, and Frenchmen abroad, it was thought most expedient,Strife be|twixt the lai|tie and spiri|tualtie. that the spiritualtie should be depriued of their temporall possessions, to the reliefe of the kings necessitie. Herevpon rose great altercation betwixt the cleargie and the laitie; the knights affirming, that they had oftentimes serued the king, not onelie with their goods, but also with their persons in great dangers and ieopardies, whilest the spiritualtie sat at home,The archbi|shop of Can|turburie an|swereth for his brethren. and holp the king nothing at all. Thomas A|rundell archbishop of Canturburie stoutlie answe|red herevnto, that the cleargie had alwaie giuen to the king as much as the laitie had doone, conside|ring they had oftener giuen their tenths to him than the laitie their fiftéens: also, that more of their te|nants went forth into the kings warres, than the tenants of them of the laie fée: beside this, they prai|ed day and night for the kings good successe against his enimies.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the speaker named sir Iohn Cheinie, in re|plieng by plaine speach,Sir Iohn Cheinie spea|ker of the parlement. séemed little to esteeme such praiers of the church, the archbishop was set in a great chafe, and with sharpe words declaring what he thought must needs follow, both of the king and kingdome, when praiers and suffrages of churchmen came to be so little set by, he grew to such impatien|cie, that he flatlie told the speaker, that although he séemed little to estéeme of the religion of the cleargie, he would not haue him to thinke,The archb. chafeth. that he should take awaie the possessions of the church, without finding such as would seeke to withstand him,He spake like a [...]ord for if (said he) the archbishop of Canturburie maie liue, thou shalt haue hot taking awaie any manner of thing that is his. After this, when the archbishop perceiued that the king winked at these matters, he rose from his place and comming before the king, knéeled downe, and besought him to consider, how through the fauour and grace of the almightie God, he had atteined to the kingdome, and therefore he ought to remember his first purpose and intent, which was, to saue vnto euerie man his right, so far as in him saie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 He willed him likewise to haue in consideration the oth which he willinglie had receiued, that is, that he should aduance the honor of the church, and the mi|nisters thereof cherish and mainteine. Also, to haue in mind the danger and dishonour that redounded to such as brake their othes: so that he besought him to permit and suffer the church to inioy the priuileges and liberties, which in time of his predecessors it had inioied, requesting him to stand in awe of that king, by whom all kings did reigne; and to feare the cen|sures and condemnation that those incurred, which tooke and bereft from the church any good or right be|longing to it, who most certeinelie (said he) are ac|cursed. When the archbishop had vsed this, or the like speach,The kings answer to the archbishop. the king commanded him to go to his seat a|gaine, assuring him, that his intent and purpose was to leaue the church in as good state, or better, than he found it.

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