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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Strange wonders happened (as men reported) at the natiuitie of this man, for the same night he was borne, all his fathers horsses in the stable were found to stand in bloud vp to the bellies. The morow after the feast of saint Michaell, a parlement began at Westminster, Anno Reg. 4. A parlement. which continued the space of seauen weekes, in the same was a tenth and a halfe granted by the cleargie, and a fiftéenth by the communaltie. Moreouer, the commons in this parlement besought the king to haue the person of George earle of March a Scotishman,George earle of March re|commended to the king by parlement. recommended to his maiestie, for that the same earle shewed himselfe faithfull to the king & his realme. ¶ There was also a statute made, that the friers beggers should not receiue any into their order, vnder the age of fourteene yeares. In this fourth yeare of king Henries reigne, ambassadors were sent ouer into Britaine,Ambassadors. to bring from thence the duches of Britaine, the ladie Iane de Nauarre, the widow of Iohn de Montford, late duke of Bri|taine, surnamed the conqueror, with whom by pro|curators the king had contracted matrimonie. In the beginning of Februarie, those that were sent re|turned with hir in safetie, but not without tasting the bitter stormes of the wind and weather, that tossed them sore to and fro, before they could get to land. The king met hir at Winchester, where the seuenth of Februarie, the marriage was solemnized betwixt them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Whilest these things were thus in dooing in Eng|land, Ualeran earle of saint Paule, bearing still a deadlie and malicious hatred toward king Henrie, hauing assembled sixtéene or seuentéene hundred men of warre,The earle of saint Paule to the Ile of Wight. imbarked them at Harflew, and ta|king the sea, landed in the Ile of Wight, in the which he burned two villages, and foure simple cotages, and for a triumph of so noble an act, made foure knights. But when he heard that the people of the Ile were assembled and approched to fight with him, he ha|sted to his ships, and returned home: wherewith the noble men of his companie were displeased, conside|ring his prouision to be great and his gaine small. In the same verie season,The earle of Cleremont in Gascoigne. Iohn earle of Cleremont sonne to the duke of Bourbon, wan in Gascoigne out of the Englishmens possession, the castels of saint Peter, saint Marie, and the New castell; and the lord de la Bret wan the castell of Carlassin, which was no small losse to the English nation.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Henrie earle of Northumberland, with his brother Thomas earle of Worcester, and his sonne the lord Henrie Persie, surnamed Hotspur, which were to king Henrie in the beginning of his reigne, both faithfull freends, and earnest aiders, began now to enuie his wealth and felicitie; and especiallie they were gréeued, bicause the king demanded of the earle and his sonne such Scotish prisoners as were taken at Homeldon and Nesbit: for of all the captiues which were taken in the conflicts foughten in those two places, the [...]e was deliuered to the kings posses|sion onelie Mordake earle of Fife, the duke of Al|banies sonne, though the king did diuers and sundrie times require deliuerance of the residue, and that with great threatnings: wherewith the Persies be|ing sore offended, for that they claimed them as their owne proper prisoners, and their peculiar preies, by the counsell of the lord Thomas Persie earle of Worcester, whose studie was euer (as some write) to procure malice, and set things in a broile, came to the king vnto Windsore (vpon a purpose to prooue him) and there required of him, that either by ransome or otherwise,The request of the Persies he would cause to be deliuered out of pri|son Edmund Mortimer earle of March, their cou|sine germane, whome (as they reported) Owen Glendouer kept in filthie prison, shakled with irons, onelie for that he tooke his part, and was to him faith|full and true.

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