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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At the time appointed the king came to Couentrie, Anno Reg. [...] where the two dukes were readie, according to the order prescribed therein, comming thither in great arraie, accompanied with the lords and gentlemen of their linages. The king caused a sumptuous scaf|fold or theater, and roiall listes there to be erected and prepared. The sundaie before they should fight, after dinner the duke of Hereford came to the king (being lodged about a quarter of a mile without the towne in a tower that belonged to sir William Bagot) to take his leaue of him. The morow after, being the daie appointed for the combat, about the spring of the daie, came the duke of Norfolke to the court to take leaue likewise of the king. The duke of Hereford ar|med him in his tent, that was set vp néere to the lists, and the duke of Norfolke put on his armor, be|twixt the gate & the barrier of the towne, in a beauti|full house, hauing a faire perclois of wood towards the gate, that none might sée what was doone within the house.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The duke of Aumarle that daie,The order of the combat. being high con|stable of England, and the duke of Surrie marshall, placed themselues betwixt them, well armed and ap|pointed; and when they saw their time, they first en|tered into the listes with a great companie of men apparelled in silke sendall, imbrodered with siluer, both richlie and curiouslie, euerie man hauing a tip|ped staffe to keepe the field in order. About the houre of prime came to the barriers of the listes, the duke of Hereford, mounted on a white courser, barded with gréene & blew veluet imbrodered sumptuouslie with swans and antelops of goldsmiths woorke, ar|med at all points. The constable and marshall came to the barriers, demanding of him what he was, he EEBO page image 495 answered;

I am Henrie of Lancaster duke of He|reford, which am come hither to doo mine indeuor a|gainst Thomas Mowbraie duke of Norfolke, as a traitor vntrue to God, the king, his realme, and me.
The [...] incontinentlie he sware vpon the h [...]lie [...]uan|gelists, that his quarrell was true and iust and vpon that point he required to enter the lists Then he put vp his sword, which before he held naked in his hand, and putting downe his visor, made a crosse on his horsse, and with speare in hand, entered into the lists, and descended from his horsse, and set him downe in a chaire of gréene veluet, at the one end of the lists, and there reposed himselfe, abiding the comming of his aduersarie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Soone after him entred into the field with great triumph, king Richard accompanied with all the péeres of the realme, and in his companie was the earle of saint Paule, which was come out of France in post to see this challenge performed. The king had there aboue ten thousand men in armour, least some fraie or tumult might rise amongst his nobles, by quarelling or partaking. When the king was set in his seat, which was richlie hanged and adorned; a king at armes made open proclamation, prohibi|ting all men in the name of the king, and of the high constable and marshall, to enterprise or attempt to approch or touch any part of the lists vpon paine of death, except such as were appointed to order or mar|shall the field. The proclamation ended, an other he|rald cried;

Behold here Henrie of Lancaster duke of Hereford appellant, which is entred into the lists roiall to doo his deuoir against Thomas Mowbraie duke of Norfolke defendant, vpon paine to be found false and recreant.

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