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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Anno Reg. 18. A proclamati|on that all I|rishmen shuld returne into their countrieThis yeare in August, was a proclamation set foorth, that all Irishmen should auoid this land, and returne home into their owne countrie, before the feast of the Natiuitie of our ladie, on paine of death. The occasion of which proclamation was, for that such multitudes of Irishmen were come ouer into this region, in hope of gaine, that the countries in Ireland,The English pale in Irelãd almost left desolate. subiect to England, were in manner left void of people, so that the enimies spoiled and wasted those countries at their pleasure, finding few or none to withstand them. And where king Edward the third had placed in Ireland his bench and iudges, with his excheker, for the good administration of iu|stice and politike gouernement to be vsed there, he receiued from thence yearelie in reuenues and pro|fits, comming to his owne cofers, the summe of thir|tie thousand pounds:The yearelie reuenues of Ireland in K. Edward the third his daies. the king now laid foorth no lesse a summe to repell the enimies, which by absence of those that were come ouer hither, could not other|wise be resisted, sith the power of the rebels was so increased, and the force of the countries subiect, tho|rough lacke of the former inhabitants, so dimini|shed. ¶About the feast of the Natiuitie of our ladie, the king set forward to passe into Ireland, hauing made such preparation for that iournie, as the like for Ireland had not béene heard of at anie time be|fore. There went out with him the duke of Glocester, the earles of March, Notingham, and Rutland, the lord Thomas Persie lord steward, and diuerse other of the English nobilitie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Lancaster, that in the thirteenth yeare of king Richards reigne had beene created by autho|ritie of parlement, duke of Aquitaine, was about this present time sent thither,The duke of Lancaster sai|leth into A|quitaine with an armie. with fiue hundred men of armes, & a thousand archers, to take posses|sion of that duchie, according to the kings grant, by his letters patents thereof had, made, and confir|med with his seale, in presence of the most part of all the nobles and great lords of England, to hold all that countrie to the said duke and his heires for euer in as large manner and forme, as his father king Edward the third, or anie other kings of England, or dukes of Aquitaine before time had holden, and as king Richard at that season had & held the same, the homage alwaies yet reserued to the kings of England for euer. But all this notwithstanding, at his comming thither, so farre were the Gascoignes,The Gas|coignes flatlie refuse to ac|cept the duke of Lancaster for their so|uereigne. and other people of those marches from receiuing him with ioy and triumph, that they plainelie told him, they would not atturne to him, nor be vnder his iurisdiction at anie hand, although he had brought ouer with him commissioners sufficientlie authori|sed, both to discharge them of their former allegiance to the king, and to inuest him in possession of that du|chie, in maner and forme as before is said.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But now to returne to king Richard, ye shall vn|derstand, that when all his prouision and roiall ar|mie was readie, about Michaelmas, he tooke the sea, and landed at Waterford the second of October,K. Richard passeth ouer into Ireland with a migh|tie armie. and so remained in Ireland all that winter: his people were lodged abroad in the countrie, and lay so wari|lie as they might. For although the Irishmen durst not attempt anie exploit openlie against the Eng|lishmen, after the kings arriuall with so puissant an armie, yet they would steale sometimes vpon them, where they espied anie aduantage, and disquiet them in their lodgings. But when the English still pre|uailed, diuerse of the greatest princes among them came in, and submitted themselues. Amongst other, Froissard. Foure Irish kings submit themselues to K. Richard. foure kings are mentioned, as the great Onell king of Meth, Brine of Thomond king of Thomond, Ar|thur Macmur king of Lineister, and Conhur king of Cheueno and Darpe: these kings were courteous|lie interteined and much made of by king Richard, who kept his Christmas this yeare at Dubline. And after that feast was ended, he held a parlement there,A parlement holden in Ireland. to the which all his subiects of Ireland, vnto whom it apperteined, resorted, as well those that had conti|nued vnder the English gouernement aforetime, as those that were latelie yéelded.

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