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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 But after that (contrarie to expectation) the duke of Britaine was come to an agréement with the French king, Anno Reg. 12. the earle of Arundell drew with his nauie alongst the coasts of Poictou, and Xaintonge, till at length he arriued in the hauen that goeth vp to Rochell, and landed with his men at Marrant, foure leagues from Rochell, and began to pilfer, spoile, and fetch booties abroad in the countrie. The Frenchmen within Rochell issued foorth to skirmish with the Eng|lishmen, but they were easilie put to flight, and folow|ed euen to the bariers of the gates of Rochell. ¶ Pe|rot le Bernois a capteine of Gascoigne, that made warre for the king of England in Limosin, and lay in the fortresse of Galuset, came foorth the same time, and made a roade into Berrie with foure hundred spears. The earle of Arundell,The earle of Arundell re|turneth out of France. after he had laine at Marrant fiftéene daies, returned to his ships, and fi|nallie came backe into England, and Perot le Ber|nois likewise returned to his fortresse. ¶About the same time was a truce taken betwixt the parties English and French on the marches of Aquitaine, to begin the first daie of August, and to indure till the first of Maie next insuing.

¶ In this yeare 1388, in Lent,

Abr. Fl. out of Henrie Knigh|ton canon of Leceister ab|beie.

O Scotish crueltie and more than barbarous bloudthirsti|nesse.

the Scots entred in|to the westerne borders, & what with killing as also with burning they did much mischiefe. Moreouer they shewed extreme crueltie against young children and sucklings, against women bigge with child and in trauell, against weake and weerish men and crooked with age, in the countrie of Gildisland, within the lordship of the lord Dacres, gathering them togither into houses, and shutting them vp, and locking the doores, they burned without mercie or pitie to the number (as it was said) of two hundred and aboue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 This yeare in August,An ouer|throw giuen to the Eng|lishmen by the Scots at Otter|burne. the Scots inuaded the coun|trie of Northumberland, and at Otterburne ouer|threw a power of Englishmen, which the earle of Northumberland and his sonnes had leauied against them. In this battell the earle Dowglas chiefe of that armie of Scots was slaine, and the lord Henrie Percie, and his brother sir Ralfe, sonnes to the said earle of Northumberland, were taken prisoners, as in the Scotish chronicles ye may read more at large. After the feast of the natiuitie of our ladie, Fabian. Caxton. A parlement at Cam|bridge. a parle|ment was holden at Cambridge, in the which di|uerse statutes were ordeined; as For the limiting of seruants wages; For punishment of vagarant persons; For the inhibiting of certeine persons to weare weapons; For the debarring of vnlawfull games; For maintenance of shooting in the long bow; For remouing of the staple of woolles from Middleburgh vnto Calis; For labourers not to be receiued, but where they are inhabiting, except with licence vnder seale of the hundred where they dwell. There was also an act made, that none should go foorth of the realme, to purchase anie benefice with cure or without cure, except by licence obteined of the king; and if they did contrarie herevnto, they were to be excluded out of the kings protection. There was granted to the king in this parlement, a tenth to be leuied of the clergie, and a fiftéenth of the laitie. More|ouer, during the time of this parlement,Sir Thomas Triuet slaine with the fall of his horsse. as sir Tho|mas Triuet was riding towards Barnewell with the king, where the king lodged, by forcing his horsse too much with the spurs, the horsse fell with him so rudelie to the ground, that his entrails within him were so burst and perished, that he died the next daie after. Manie reioised at this mans death, as well for that men iudged him to be excéeding haultie and proud; as also for that he was suspected not to haue dealt iustlie with the bishop of Norwich, in the iour|nie which the bishop had made into Flanders: but speciallie men had an ill opinion of him, for that he stood with the king against the lords, counselling him in the yeare last past to dispatch them out of the way. ¶ Sir Iohn Holland, the kings brother on the mo|thers side, that was latelie returned out of Spaine, where he had béene with the duke of Lancaster, was now made earle of Huntington.

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