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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare being the one and fiftith and last of king Edwards reigne,1377 Anno Reg. 51. there were sent againe to Bruges as commissioners to treat of peace on the part of king Edward, Froissard. Comissioners sẽt to Bruges Iohn lord Cobham, the bishop of He|reford, and the maior of London. And for the French part thither came the earle of Salebruch, monsieur de Chatillon, and Phillibert Lespoit. And still the two legats were present as mediatours betwixt the par|ties, moouing a mariage to be had, betwixt Richard prince of Wales, and the ladie Marie, daughter to the French king. But they departed in sunder for this time without anie conclusion. But shortlie after in Lent following,Cõmissioners sent to Mon|treuill. there was a secret meeting ap|pointed to be had at Montreuill by the sea, whither came from the king of England, sir Richard Dan|gle a Poictouine, sir Richard Stan, & Geffrie Chau|cer. For the French king there appeared the lord Coucie, and others. These commissioners treated a long season concerning the mariage, and when they had vnderstanding and felt each others meaning, they departed and made report of the same to their maisters.The truce eftsoones prolonged. The truce was againe prolonged till the first daie of Maie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 And in the meane time, the earle of Salisburie, the bishop of saint Dauie lord chancellour of Eng|land, and the bishop of Hereford went ouer to Calis. In like case the lord of Coucie, and sir William Dorman chancellor of France came to Montreuill.Sir Hugh Caluerlie lieutenant of Calis. But they durst not meet at anie indifferent place on the frontiers, for the doubt that either partie had of other, for anie thing the legats could saie or doo. Thus these commissioners abode in that state till the truce was expired. And when the warre was open, then sir Hugh Caluerlie was sent ouer to Calis, to remaine vpon safe kéeping of that towne, as deputie there. The earle of Salisburie, and the other commissio|ners returned into England, and with them the duke of Britaine. On the twelfth day of Aprill this yeare, one sir Iohn Minsterworth knight, Tho. Walsi. Fabian. Sir Iohn Minster|worth be|headed. was drawne, hanged, headed, and quartered at Tiborne, being first condemned and adiudged to suffer that ex|ecution before the maior of London, and other the kings iustices in the Guildhall, for treason by him committed, in defrauding souldiers of their wages: for where he had receiued great summes of monie to make paiment thereof to them, he reteined the same to his owne vse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer (as in the fortie foure yeare of this king yée haue heard) he was the chéefe procurer and setter forward of the dissention that rose in the armie, Thom. Wals. which vnder the leading of sir Robert Knolles was sent in|to France. And when in that iournie he had lost most of his men, and was escaped himselfe into Eng|land, he laid all the blame on sir Robert Knolles, ac|cusing him to the king of heinous treason; so as the king tooke no small displeasure against the said sir Robert, insomuch that he durst not returne into England, till he had pacified the kings wrath with monie, and that the knowne fidelitie of the man had warranted him against the malicious and vntrue suggestions of his enimies. Wherevpon the said Minsterworth perceiuing his craft to want the wi|shed successe, he fled to the French king, and conspi|ring with him to annoie the realme of England by bringing the Spanish nauie to inuade the same, at length he was taken in the towne of Pampilona in Nauarre, and brought backe into England, where he tasted the deserued fruit of his contriued treason (as before yée haue heard.)

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