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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Whilest the duke of Lancaster was thus passing through the realme of France, pope Gregorie the e|leuenth sent the archbishop of Rauenna and the bi|shop of Carpentras as legats from him, to treat for a peace betwixt the realms of England and France. They rode to & fro betwixt the French king and his brethren, and the duke of Lancaster: but the duke and the Englishmen kept on their waie, and so finallie kéeping forwards about Christmasse came to Burdeaux. The legats pursued their treatie, but the parties were so hard, that no reasonable offers would be taken. The two dukes of Lancaster and Britaine laie in Burdeaux all the residue of the win|ter, and the Lent following. The same yeare that the duke of Lancaster made this iournie thorough France, Caxton. Messengers sent to the pope about r [...]|seruations o [...] benefices. the king of England sent certeine ambas|sadors to the pope, requiring him not to meddle with the reseruations of benefices within his realme of England, but that those which were elected bishops might inioy their sees, and be confirmed of their me|tropolitane EEBO page image 409 and archbishop, as of ancient time they had beene accustomed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The pope would not at that present determine a|nie thing herein, but commanded them that were sent, that they should certifie him againe of the kings pleasure and further meaning, in those articles and other touching him and his realme. Also this yeare it was decréed in parlement,Cathedrall churches. that cathedrall churches might inioy the right of their elections, and that the king should not hinder them that were chosen, but rather helpe them to their confirmations. ¶ In the same parlement was granted to the king a disme of the cleargie, and a fiftéenth of the laitie. ¶ Moreouer at the sute of the popes legats, a respit of war was granted betwixt the kings of England and France, but so that the Englishmen lost in Gascoine a great number of castels and townes, by reason of a com|position made before, that if they were not rescued by the middest of August, they should then yeeld themselues French: and bicause the truce was a|gréed vpon to indure till the last of August, the Eng|lishmen tooke no heed to the matter. It was further agréed vpon, that in the beginning of September, there should méet in the marches of Picardie, the duke of Lancaster, and other of the English part, as commissioners to intreat of peace;Cõmissioners appointed to meet and com|mune of peace and the duke of Aniou and other on the French part, the popes legat to be there also as mediator. When this agréement was thus accorded, the duke of Lancaster, and the duke of Britaine, with the earls of Warwike, Suf|folke and Stafford, the lords Spenser, Willoughbie and others, tooke the sea at Burdeaux the eight of Iu|lie, and returned into England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare the fifth of Iune, died William Wit|telsey archbishop of Canturburie,Death of the archb. of Can. after whose death the moonks chose to that see the cardinall of Win|chester, with which election the king was nothing contented, so that after much monie spent by the moonks to obteine their purpose, at length they were disappointed,Simon Sud|berie elected archbishop. and doctor Simon Sudberie was ad|mitted to that dignitie, who before was bishop of London, being the seauen and fiftith archbishop that had ruled that see. He was chosen by the appointment of the king, and consent of the pope. For alredie was that decree worne out of vse, whereby the elections of bishops haue rested in the voices of them of the ca|thedrall church: for not onelie this Simon archbi|shop of Canturburie, but other also were ordeined bishops from thencefoorth, by the will and authoritie of the popes and kings of this realme, till at length it came to passe, that onelie the kings instituted bi|shops, and the bishops ordeined other gouernours vnder them of meaner degrees.

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