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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Not long before this, the capitall of Bueffz was taken prisoner, and sir Thomas Percie, with diuerse other Englishmen and Gascoignes before Soubise by sir Yuans of Wales and other French capteins, so that the countries of Poictou and Xaintonge were in great danger to be quite lost,Towars in danger to be lost. if spéedie succours came not in time. Wherevpon king Edward aduer|tised of that agreement which they within Towars had made, raised an armie, rigged his ships, Th. Walsing. and in August tooke the sea, purposing to come before the day assigned, to the succours of that fortresse: but the wind continued for the space of nine wéekes so con|trarie vnto his intent, that he was still driuen backe and could not get forward toward the coast of Ro|chell, where he thought to haue landed, so that finallie when the daie of rescuing Towars came, he nor anie of his sonnes could appeare in those parts, and so to his great displeasure he returned home, and licenced all his people to depart to their houses. By this means was Towars deliuered to the Frenchmen, which ceassed not in such occasions of aduantage to take time, and follow the steps of prosperous for|tune.1373 Anno Reg. 47.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this season the duke of Britaine being sore displeased in his mind,The duke of Britaine. that the Englishmen sustei|ned EEBO page image 408 dailie losses in the parts of Aquitaine, would gladlie haue aided their side, if he might haue got the nobles of his countrie to haue ioined with him, but the lords Clisson and de la Uale, with the vicount of Roan, and other the lords and barons of Britaine, so much fauoured the French king, that he perceiued they would reuolt from him, if he attempted any thing against the Frenchmen. He therefore mea|ning by one way or other to further the king of En|gland his quarell, and fearing to be attached by his owne subiects, and sent to Paris, dispatched mes|sengers to K. Edward, requiring him to send some power of men of warre into Britaine, to defend him against the malice of such as were altogither French and enimies to England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The lord Ne|uill sent into Britaine.King Edward foorthwith sent ouer the lord Ne|uill, with foure hundred men of armes, and as manie archers, the which arriuing at saint Matthewes de fine Poterne, remained there all the winter. Wherevpon the Britaines being sore offended there|with, closed their townes and fortresses against their duke, and shewed much euill towards him. The con|stable of France sir Berthram de Cleaquin,Englishmen discomfited by the con|stable of France. laieng siege to the towne and castell of Sireth in Poictou, discomfited a number of Englishmen that came to raise his siege, by meanes whereof he got not onelie Sireth, but also Niort, Lucignen, and all other the townes and fortresses which the Englishmen held till that day within Poictou,Townes woone by him. Xaintonge, and Rochel|lois. Shortlie after this, the constable returned into France, and was appointed by the king there to go with an armie of men of warre into Britaine, and there to take into his hands all such townes and for|tresses as belonged to the duke of Britaine,The constable of Frãce sent into Britaine bicause he had alied himselfe with the king of England, and receiued Englishmen into his countrie, to the preiudice of the realme of France.

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