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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this 46 yeare,1372 Anno Reg. [...] sir Robert Ashton was sent into Ireland as lord deputie there, and in the same yeare, the duke of Lancaster being as then a widower, ma|ried the ladie Constance eldest daughter to Peter king of Spaine, which was slaine by his bastard bro|ther Henrie (as before ye haue heard.) ¶Also the lord Emund earle of Cambridge maried the ladie Isa|bell, sister to the same Constance. ¶Their other sister named Beatrice, affianced to Don Ferdinando, son to Peter king of Portingale, was departed this EEBO page image 407 life a little before this time at Baionne, where they were all three left as hostages by their father, when the prince went to bring him home into his countrie (as before yée may read.) Froissard writeth, that the duke married the ladie Constance in Gascoigne, and that shortlie after he returned into England with his said wife and hir sister, leauing the capitall de Bueffz, and other lords of Gascoigne and Poictou in charge with the rule of those countries. By reason of that marriage, the duke of Lancaster, as in right of his wife being the elder sister, caused himselfe to be intituled king of Castile, and his said wife quéene of the same realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The earle of Hereford being sent to the sea, with certeine ships of warre, was incountered by the Fle|mish fléet, before an hauen in Britaine called the Baie, where was fought a sore battell, and long con|tinued for the space of thrée houres: howbeit finallie the victorie abode with the Englishmen, notwith|standing that the Flemings were more in number, and better prouided for the matter. There were ta|ken of them fiue and twentie ships, with their Adme|rall Iohn Peterson. They had beene at Rochell for wine, and now were come to the Baie for salt vpon their returne homeward, and hearing that the Eng|lishmen would come that waie, staied for them, and first gaue the onset. For yée must remember, that by reason that the earle of Flanders had married his daughter to the duke of Burgognie, which he had first promised to the earle of Cambridge, there was no perfect fréendship betwixt the realme of Eng|land, and the countries of the said earle of Flan|ders.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Sir Guichard D [...]ngle made knight of the Garter. Polydor. Caxton. Sir Guichard Dangle a knight of Poictou, that was come ouer with the duke of Lancaster, to pro|cure the king to send some new aid into Aquitaine, was for his approoued valiancie and tried truth to the king of England, made knight of the garter. And moreouer at his instance the king rigged a nauie of ships, and appointed the earle of Penbroke as gene|rall, to saile with the same into Aquitaine, and there to remooue the siege which the Frenchmen had laid to Rochell.The earle of Penbroke set into Ga [...]en. The earle according to his commission tooke the sea with a fléet of fortie ships prepared for him: but yer he could enter the hauen of Rochell, he was assailed by an huge fleet of Spaniards, and there vanquished, taken prisoner, & led into Spaine. The Spaniards had for capteins foure skilfull war|riours, Froissard. Ambrose Bouquenegre, Cabesse de Uake or Uakadent, Dom Ferand du Pion, and Rodigo de la Rochell, who had vnder their gouernement fortie great carrauels, and thirteene trim barkes through|lie furnished and appointed with good mariners and m [...]n of warre.

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