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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Somewhat before this time, the ladie Blanch EEBO page image 405 daughter to Henrie duke of Lancaster,The duches of Lancaster. Fabian. departed this life, and was buried on the north side of the high altar in the cathedrall church of saint Paule within the citie of London, where hir husband Iohn of Gant was after also interred. She ordeined for hir husband and for hir selfe a solemne obit to be kept yearelie in that church, where the maior being present with the shiriffes, chamberlaine, and sword-bearer, should of|fer each of them a pennie, and the maior to take vp a pound, the shiriffes either of them a marke, the chamberleine ten shillings, and the sword-bearer six shillings eight pence, and euerie other of the maiors officers two and twentie pence, and the number of eight officers belonging vnto the shiriffes (and by them to be appointed) eight pence a péece. ¶ This yeare was granted to the king in parlement assem|bled at Westminster of the spirituall mens liuings a tenth for the space of thrée yeares, Polychron. Anno Reg. 44. Froissard. Polychron. and a fiftéenth of the temporaltie during the same tearme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare, after that the king had gotten togither a great summe of monie,Sir Robert Knolles with an armie sent into France. as well by borowing of the clergie as of the laitie, he leuied an armie, & sent the same ouer to Calis about Midsummer, vnder the gouernance of that worthie chéefteine sir Robert Knolles, accompanied with the L. Fitz Walter, the lord Granson, sir Alaine Buxhull, sir Iohn Bourchi|er, sir William Meuille, sir Geffrey Wourseley, and diuerse other noblemen, knights, and worthie cap|teins.Truce with Scots. About the same time, the king of England con|cluded an abstinence of warre with the Scots for the tearme of nine yeares, yet so that the Scots might arme themselues, and at their pleasure serue and take wages, either of the English or French, by reason whereof, sir Robert Knolles had in his com|panie an hundred speares of the realme of Scot|land.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When this armie had lien and rested in Calis a|bout the space of seauen daies, sir Robert Knolles caused euerie man to depart the towne, and to take the fields, marching the first daie néere to the castell of Fiennes, Iac. Meir. The number of men of war in this armie. Froissard. and there lodged for that night. The whole number of this armie was not aboue twelue thousand men. Froissard saith, they were but fiftéene hundred speares, & foure thousand archers. Within the castell of Fiennes was the constable of France, that was lord thereof, with such a number of souldi|ers and men of warre, that the Englishmen thought they should but lose their labour to assaile it. And so they passed foorth by Turrouane, and toward Arras, riding not past foure leages a daie, bicause of their cariages and footmen. They tooke their lodging euer about noone, and laie néere vnto great villages.

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