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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The prince returneth into Gascoigne.The prince obteining passage for himselfe and his men, of the kings of Aragon and Nauarre, retur|ned to Burdeaux, and then did the bastard Henrie forsake his garrison at Bannieres, and went into Arragon, and there got the king of Arragons assi|stance: & finallie, in the yeare 1369, returning into Spaine, recouered the kingdome, and slue his bro|ther king Peter, as in the historie of Spaine it may appeare, which for that it apperteineth not to this hi|storie of England, I doo here passe ouer. This yeare, in the moneth of March, appeared a blasing starre, be|twixt the north and west,1368 Anno Reg. 42. whose beames stretched to|wards France as was then marked,A blasing starre. Polychron. Polydor. threatning (as might be thought) that within a small time after it should againe be wrapped and set on fire with new troubles of warre, and euen then, that countrie was not in quiet, but harried in diuerse parts, by such sol|diers as had béene with the prince in Spaine, & were now out of wages. The leaders of which people were for the more part Englishmen and Gascoignes, Froissard. as sir Robert Briquet, sir Iohn Tresmelle, Robert Ce|nie, sir Gaollard Uigier, the bourge of Bertueill, the bourge Camois of Cominges, as Denise Sauage thinketh, the bourge of Lespare, Nandon or Naw|don of Bargerant, Bernard de la Salle, Ortigo, Lamut, and manie other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Clarence go|eth into Ita|lie.In this 42 yeare of king Edwards reigne, his se|cond son the lord Lionell duke of Clarence and earle of Ulster passed the sea, with a noble companie of lords, knights, and gentlemen, and went thorough France into Lombardie,The ladie Uiolant. there to marrie the ladie Uiolant, daughter to the duke of Millane. He was honorablie receiued in all places where he came, and speciallie at Paris, by the dukes of Berrie and Bur|gognie, the lord Coucie and other, the which brought him to the court, where he dined and supped with the king, and lodged within the palace. On the next day he was had to a place where the quéene lodged, and dined with hir, and after was conueied to the court a|gaine, and supped that night with the king, and on the morrow following, he tooke his leaue of the king and quéene the which gaue to him great gifts, and like|wise to the noble men of England that came ouer with him, to the value of twentie thousand florens and aboue: he was conueied from place to place, with certeine of the French nobilitie, till he came to the borders of the realme, and then entring into Sauoy,His inter|teinement [...] Sauoy. he came to Chamberie, where the earle of Sauoy was readie to receiue him, and there he remained foure daies, being highlie feasted amongst the ladies and damosels: and then he departed, and the earle of Sauoy brought him to Milla [...]e, to doo him the more honor, for his sister was mother to the bride, which the duke should marrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To speake of the honorable receiuing of him into the citie of Millane, and of the great feast, triumph,His receiuing into Millan [...] and banketting, and what an assemblie there was in Millane of high states, at the solemnizing of the ma|riage betwixt him and the said ladie Uiolant, Corio in the historie of Millane. it were too long a processe to remember The gifts that the fa|ther of the bride, the lord Galeas gaue vnto such ho|norable personages as were there present, amoun|ted in value to an inestimable summe. ¶ The wri|ters of the Millane histories affirme, that this mar|riage was celebrated on the fiftéenth daie of Iune, in the yeare 1367, which being true, the same chanced in the 41 yeare of this kings reigne, Ia. Meir. Froissard. Caxton. and not in this 42 yeare, though other authors agree, that it was in the yeare 1368. But to returne to other dooings where we left.

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