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Compare 1577 edition: 1 1367 Anno Reg. 41.Thus when the prince, by the aduise and coun|sell of sir Iohn Chandois, and sir Robert Knols (by whome he was much ruled) had taken direction in his businesse, for that his iournie into Spaine, in each condition as was thought behoouefull, he with the king of Spaine in his companie,The prince setteth for|ward to|wards Spaine. passed foorth with a puissant armie, and came to the streicts of Ronceualle, at the entrie into Nauarre, and obtei|ning so much fréendship of the king of Nauarre, as to haue the passages of his countrie opened, they en|tered into his realme through the same,He entreth in|to Naua [...]re. as freends, without finding any resistance. In this meane time, Henrie king of Spaine, hauing knowledge that the prince of Wales was thus comming against him, to restore his brother king Peter to his former de|grée, by aduise of sir Berthram de Cleaquin, got a great number of soldiers out of France, by whose aid he might the better defend himselfe against his e|nimies.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now it chanced, that whilest the prince of Wales was passing thorough Nauarre, toward the entrie of Spaine, certeine of those Frenchmen, vnder the lea|ding of sir Oliuer Mannie,The king of Nauarre ta|ken by the Frenchmen. tooke the king of Na|uarre prisoner, as he was riding from one towne to an other. Manie maruelled at that chance, and some there were that thought he suffered himselfe to be ta|ken for a caut [...]le, bicause he would not aid the prince of Wales any further, nor conduct him through his realme, as he had promised to doo. But the prince no|thing dismaid herewith, passed forward, by the gui|ding of a knight of Nauarre,Sir Martin de Care. called sir Martin de Care, and finallie came to the confines of Spaine, and lodged at Uictoria, not far from his enimies. For king Henrie of Spaine, vnderstanding which waie the prince drew, came forward to incounter him, and pight downe his field, not far from the bor|ders of his realme, at a place called saint Muchaule: and thus were both the hosts lodged within a small di|stance the one against the other.Saint Ma|chaule.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie had sent to the prince an herauld of armes with a letter,The king of Spaine sen|deth to the prince. requiring to know of him for what cause he moued warre against him, sith he had neuer offended him. The prince taking deliberation for answer of this letter, kept the messenger with him, and perceiuing that king Henrie came not for|ward, but laie still at saint Muchaule, stronglie in|camped,Uictoria. Uiana. he remooued from Uictoria, and came to a towne called Uiana, where he staied two daies to re|fresh his people, and after went forward, and passed the riuer which diuideth the realmes of Castile and Nauarre, at the bridge of Groigne. King Henrie ad|uertised hereof, departed from saint Muchaule, and came before the towne of Nauarret, situat on the same riuer. Not manie daies before the prince pas|sed the riuer at Groigne, king Henrie had sent foorth two of his brethren, the earle Dom Teille, and the lord Sanches, with six hundred horssemen, to view the princes host. Polydor.

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