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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 When the newes of this great victorie came into England of the ouerthrow of the Frenchmen, and taking of the French king, ye may be sure there was great ioy shewed by outward tokens,Bonfier [...]. as bonfiers made, feasts and bankets kept, through the whole realme. Likewise the Gascoignes and Englishmen being come to Burdeaux, made great reuell and pa|stime there, spending freelie that gold and siluer which they had woone in the battell of Poictiers, and else|where in that iournie.135 [...] Anno Reg.. [...]. ¶ This yeare in Aprill the prince of Wales tooke shipping with his prisoners at Burdeaux,Additions [...] Adam Me [...]|muth. and on the fift of Maie arriued at Plim|mouth. On the foure and twentith day of Maie he was with great honour ioifullie receiued of the citi|zens into the citie of London, and so conueied to the palace of Westminster,The pri [...]ce bringeth the French king ouer into England. where the king sitting in Westminster hall, receiued the French king, and af|ter conueied him to a lodging appointed for him, where he laie a season; but after he was remoued to EEBO page image 391 the Sauoie, which was at that time a goodlie house, perteining to the duke of Lancaster, though after|wards it was burnt and destroied by Wat Tiler, Iacke Straw, and their companie. In this place the French king laie, and kept house a long time after.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the winter following were roiall iustes holden in Smithfield,A iust holden in Smithfeld at the which were present the kings of England, France, and Scotland, with manie great estates of all their thrée kingdoms, of the which the more part of the strangers were as then priso|ners. It was reported, that the French king could not so dissemble nor cloake his inward thought, but that there appeared some tokens of gréefe in his countenance, whilest he beheld these warlike pa|stimes. And when the king of England, & his sonne prince Edward with comfortable words required him after supper to put all pensiue cares out of his fantasie,The French k. sorowfull. and to be merrie and sing as other did, he should make this answer with a smiling counte|nance, alluding to the complaint of the Israelits in time of their captiuitie vnder the gentiles, & saieng,

Psalm. 137. Thom. Wals. Froissard. Quomodo cantabimus canticum in terra aliena?

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time there came ouer into Eng|land two cardinals, the one called Talirand being bishop of Alba (commonlie named the cardinall of Pierregort) and the other named Nicholas intituled cardinall of S. Uitale or (as Froissard saith) of Dar|gell,Cardinals sent into England. they were sent from pope Innocent the sixt, to intreat for a peace betwixt the kings of England and France: but they could not bring their purpose to anie perfect conclusion, although they remained her [...] for the space of two yeares: but yet onelie by good means they procured a truce betwéene the said kings, and all their assistants, to indure from the time of the publication thereof, vnto the feast of S. Iohn Baptist,A truce for two yeare [...]. which should be in the yeare 1359: out of the which truce was excepted the L. Philip of Na|uarre, and his alies, the countesse of Montfort, and the whole duchie of Britaine.

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