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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the Scotish histories it is recorded, that when those which were within the towne of Berwike, Hector Boe [...]. heard how that an armie of Englishmen came to the succours of the castell, they raced the walles and burnt the houses of the towne, and so departed with all the spoile which they had gotten there. But how soeuer it was, king Edward being againe possessed of the towne, Anno Reg. 30. he set men aworke to repare it, and passing foorth to Roxburge,The resigna|tion of the realme of Scotland made by the Balioll. there met with him the rightfull king of Scots Edward Balioll, who trans|ferred & resigned all the right, title and interest, which he had or might haue to the crowne and realme of Scotland into king Edwards hands: which resigna|tian he confirmed by his letters patents thereof made and giuen vnder his hand and seale, dated the 25 of Ianuarie 1356, requiring king Edward to perseuere in pursute of his title to the vttermost.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 King Edward hauing thus receiued the resigna|tion and release of the crowne of Scotland, mar|ched foorth with his armie, till he came to Hading|ton, burning and destroieng the countrie on ech side round about him, as he passed. And whilest he laie there, abiding for his ships, his men of warre were not idle, but ranged abroad in the countrie, and did all the damage to their enimies that they could de| [...]ise. At length his armie which he had at the same time on the sea, arriued on that coast, and landing, spoiled a church of our ladie, called the White kirke: but being returned to their ships, there arose such a tempest and vehement north wind, that manie of their vessels rushing and beating against the banks and sands, were drowned togither with the men that were within them, for displeasure whereof king Ed|ward fell to the spoile of the countrie againe,K. Edward sore afflicted the Scots. not spa|ring one place more than another: by reason wherof, as well abbeis as all other churches and religious houses both in Hadington, in Edenborough, and tho|rough all other the parts of Louthian, wheresoeuer he came, were defaced and put to sacke. At length when he had accomplished his will, and so set things in or|der, he returned backe into England with the fore|said Edward Balioll in his companie, whome he kept with him, for doubt least he should reuolt, and procure some new trouble. In the moneth of Iulie the duke of Lancaster being sent to the aid of the K. of Nauarre, came into Constantine,The duke of Lãcaster sent to aid the king of Nauarre. which is a por|tion of Normandie, & there ioined with the lord Phi|lip of Nauarre, brother to the king of Nauarre, and with the lord Godfrie de Harecourt, Paulus A [...]|milius. the which being returned into France, and restored to the French kings fauour, was latelie againe reuolted, vpon dis|pleasure taken for the death of his nephue the lord Iohn de Harecourt, as in the French histories ye may read more at large. Froissard. They were in all about the number of foure thousand fighting men, and being assembled togither, they went to Liseux, to Orbec,The castell of Orbec res|cued. to Ponteau, & rescued the castell there, which had béene besieged by the lord Robert de Hotetot master of the crossebowes in France, more than two moneths: but now hearing that the Englishmen and Nauar|rois approched, he departed from thence, leauing be|hind him for hast his engins and artillerie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The duke of Lancaster passed forward vnto Bre|tueill, which he caused to be relieued and furnished with necessarie things as was conuenient. And then leauing the citie of Eureux,The citie of Eureux yéel|ded to the Frenchmen. which was as then in the Frenchmens hands, latelie yéelded to them after a long siege, he went forward with the lord Philip de Nauarre in companie till they came to Uernueill in Perch, and there tooke both the towne and castell,Uernueil. and robbed the towne and burnt a great part therof. The French king,The French K. commeth to giue the duke of Lancaster battell. who had assembled a mightie ar|mie, being aduertised of these matters, hasted for|ward towards the duke of Lancaster, fullie purpo|sing to giue him battell. The duke and the lord Philip de Nauarre, hauing knowledge that the French king followed them, withdrew towards the towne of the Eagle, and the king still went after them, till he came to Tuebeuf two leages from the towne of the Egle, and there it was shewed to him that he could not follow his enimies any further, by reason of the thicke forrests, which he could not passe with|out great danger of his person and losse of his peo|ple. Then returned he with all his host, and tooke from the Nauarrois the castell of Thilliers, and also the ca|stell of Bretueill, which was yeelded to him after two moneths siege.

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