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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Whilest Calis was thus besieged by the king of England, Ia. Meir. The Fle|mings. the Flemings which had latelie before be|sieged Betwine, and had raised from thence about the same time that the battell was fought at Cressie, now assemble togither againe, and dooing what da|mage they might against the Frenchmen on the bor|ders, they laie siege vnto the towne of Aire. Moreo|uer, Froissard. they wrought so for the king of England (ear|nestlie requiring their fréendship in that behalfe) that their souereigne lord Lewes earle of Flanders be|ing as then about fifteene yeares of age,1347 Anno Re [...] [...] fianced the ladie Isabell daughter to the king of England,The earle of Flanders [...] streined to promise ma|riage to the king of Eng|lands daugh [...]ter. more by constraint indeed of his subiects, than for any good will he bare to the king of England: for he would often saie, and openlie protest, that he would ne|uer marrie hir whose father had slaine his: but there was no remedie, for the Flemings kept him in ma|ner as a prisoner, till he granted to follow their ad|uise. But the same weeke that the mariage was ap|pointed to be solemnized, the earle as he was abroad in hawking at the hearon, stale awaie and fled into France, not staieng to ride his horsse vpon the spurs till he came into Arthois, and so dishonorablie disap|pointed both the king of England, and his owne na|turall subiects the Flemings, to their high displea|sure.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 While the king laie thus before Calis, diuerse lords and knights came to sée him out of Flanders, Brabant, Heinault, and Almaigne. Amongst other came the lord Robert of Namur, and was reteined with the king as his seruant, the king giuing him thrée hundred pounds sterling of yearelie pension out of his coffers to be paid at Bruges.The lord Charles de Blois tak [...] prisoner. During the time that the siege thus continued before Calis, the lord Charles de Blois, that named himselfe duke of Britaine, was taken before a castell in Britaine, called la Roch Darien, and his armie discomfited, chéeflie by the aid of that valiant English knight sir Thomas Dagworth,Sir Thoma [...] Dagworth. Froissard. who had beene sent from the siege of Calis by king Edward to assist the countesse of Montfort and other his fréends against the said Charles de Blois, that with a gret armie of French|men and Britains, had the same time besieged the said castell of Roch Darien, cõstreining them within in such forceable maner, that they stood in great néed of present succors.Sir [...] Hartilie [...] English knight w [...]s also there with him. The said sir Thomas Dagworth aduertised hereof, with three hundred men of armes, and foure hundred archers of his owne retinues, be|side certeine Britaines, approched to the siege, and on the 20 of Iune earlie in the morning, a quarter of an houre before day, suddenlie set vpon the enimies, who hauing knowledge of his comming, were readie to receiue him as the day before, but being now sur|prised EEBO page image 377 thus on the sudden, they were greatlie ama|zed: for they that were within Roch Darien, as soone as the appearance of daie had discouered the matter vnto them, so that they might know their freends from their enimies, they issued foorth, and holpe not a litle to the atchiuing of the victorie, which was cléere|lie obteined before sunne-rising, and the French ar|mie quite discomfited, greatlie to the praise of the said sir Thomas Dagworth and his companie, consi|dering their small number, in comparison of their aduersaries, who were reckoned to be twelue hun|dred good men of armes, knights, and esquiers, beside six hundred other armed men, two thousand crosse|bowes, six hundred archers of the countrie of Bri|taine, and footmen of commons innumerable.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There were taken, besides the lord Charles de Blois naming himselfe duke of Britaine, diuerse o|ther lords and men of name, as monsieur Guie de la Uaall sonne and heire to the lord la Uaall, which died in the battell, the lord of Rocheford, the lord de Beaumanour, the lord of Loiacke, with other lords, knights, and esquiers, in great numbers. There were slaine the said lord de la Uaall, the Uicount of Ro|han, the lord of Chasteau Brian, the lord de Maile|streit, the lord de Quintin, the lord de Rouge, the lord of Dereuall and his sonne, sir Rafe de Montford, and manie other worthie men of armes, knights and esquiers, to the number of betwixt six and seuen hun|dred, as by a letter written by the said sir Thomas Dagworth, and registred in the historie of Robert de Auesburie dooth appeare.

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