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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare, on the seauentéenth daie of Nouem|ber, the pope in Auinion created the lord Lewes de Spaine, ambassador for the French king, prince of the Iles called Fortunatae, for what purpose it was not knowne, but it was doubted, not to be for anie good meaning towards the kingdome of England, the prosperitie whereof, the same pope was suspected not greatlie to wish. ¶ About the beginning of Lent the same yeare,1345 Anno Reg. 19. the said pope had sent an arch|bishop and a bishop, ambassadors to the king, who met them at Ospring in Kent, and to the end they should not linger long within the realme, he quick|lie dispatched them without effect of their message. ¶ This yeare, shortlie after Easter, the duke of Bri|taine, that had beene deteined prisoner by the French king, and escaped out of prison, came ouer into England. ¶And about the same time, the king ordeined the exchange of monies at London, Can|turburie, and Yorke, to the great commoditie of his people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About Midsummer, or (as other haue) Michaelmas, the earle of Derbie, Auesburie. Ad. Merimuth Polychron. with the earle of Penbroke, the lord Rafe Stafford, the lord Walter de Mannie, the lord Iohn Graie of Codnore, and diuerse other lords, knights,Fiue hundred men of armes, and two thou|sand archers saith Froissard. and esquires, to the number of fiue or six hundred men of armes, and as manie archers, sailed ouer into Gascoine, to assist the kings subiects there against the Frenchmen. This earle of Derbie, being generall of the armie, after his arriuall in Gascoine, about the beginning of December, wan the towne of Bergerat by force,Bergerat woone. hauing put to flight the earle of Lisle, as then the French kings lieutenant in Gascoine, who laie there with a great power, to de|fend the passage: but being driuen into the towne, and hauing lost the suburbes to the Englishmen, he fled out in the night, and so left the towne, Froissard. without anie souldiers to defend it, so that the townesmen yeelded it vnto the earle of Derbie, and sware them|selues to be true liege men vnto the king of Eng|land. After this, the earle of Derbie passed further in|to the countrie, and wan diuerse castels and towns, as Lango, le Lake, Moundurant, Monguise, Pu|nach, Laliew, Forsath, Pondair, Beaumont in La|illois, Bounall, Auberoch and Liborne, part of them by assault, and the residue by surrender. This doone, he returned to Burdeaux, hauing left capteins and soul|diers in such places as he had woone.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare, the king sent foorth a commission vnto certeine persons in euerie countie within the realme, to inquire what lands and tenements euerie man, aboue fiue pounds of yeerelie reuenues, being of the laie fée, might dispend; bicause he had giuen order, that euerie man which might dispend fiue pounds and aboue, vnto ten pounds of such yeerelie reuenues in land of the laie fee, should furnish himselfe, or find an archer on horssebacke, furnished with armour and weapon accordinglie. He that might dispend ten pounds, should furnish himselfe, or find a demilance or light horsseman (if I shall so terme him) being then called a hobler with a lance. And he that might dispend fiue and twentie pounds, should furnish him|selfe or find a man at armes. And he that might dispend fiftie pounds, should furnish two men at arms. And he that might dispend an hundred pounds should find thrée men at armes, that is, himselfe, or one in his stéed, with two other. And such as might dispend aboue an hundred pounds, were appointed to find more in number of men at armes, accordinglie as they should be assessed, after the rate of their lands which they might yearelie dispend, being of the laie fée, and not belonging to the church.

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