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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 When this truce was thus confirmed, manie of the English armie returned home through France, Anno Reg. 17. so to passe ouer by the narrow seas into England, but the king himselfe,The king of England re|turneth by sea forth of Bri|taine. with a few other, taking their ships to passe by long seas, were maruellouslie tor|mented by tempest, so that their ships were scattered and driuen to take land at diuerse hauens. The dut|chesse of Britaine with hir sonne and daughter, came on land in Deuonshire. Sir Peers de Ueele, and his sonne sir Henrie Uéele, and sir Iohn Raine knights, were drowned,Shipwracke. togither with the ship in which they passed. The king escaping verie hardlie, landed at Weimouth, and on the fift day of March came to London to the queene. In the quindene of Easter, he held a parlement at Westminster,A parlement. The kings eldest sonne created prince of Wales. in which he created his eldest sonne Edward prince of Wales. In this parlement were diuerse matters talked of, and speciallie concerning wools, and of the assesse|ment of a certeine price of them, more and lesse, ac|cording to the seuerall parts of the realme, and of the customes to be made of them, to wit, thrée marks and an halfe, for euerie sacke to be transported foorth of the realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Ambassadors appointed to go to the [...]ope.Also in the same parlement were ambassadors appointed foorth, such as should go to the pope to treat of peace (as in the charter of the truce among other articles it was conteined) whose names follow, Iohn bishop of Excester, Henrie de Lancaster earle of Derbie, Hugh le Dispenser lord of Glamorgan, cousins to the king; Rafe lord Stafford, William de Norwich deane of Lincolne, William Trussell knight, and master Andrew de Ufford a ciuillian. These persons were sent with commission to the pope, to treat with him, not as pope, nor as iudge, but as a priuat person, and a common fréend to both parts, to be a meane or mediator, to find out some in|different end of all controuersie betwixt the parties. The date of their commission was at Westminster, the foure and twentith of Maie, in this seauenteenth yeare of the kings reigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Moreouer, in this parlement a gréeuous com|plaint was exhibited, by the earles, barons, knights, burgesses, and other of the commons, for that stran|gers, by vertue of reseruations and prouisions apo|stolike, got the best benefices of this land into their hands, and neuer came at them, nor bare any charges due for the same, but diminishing the treasure of the realme, and conueieng it foorth, sore indamaged the whole state. The bishops durst not, or would not giue their consents in exhibiting this complaint, but ra|ther seemed to stand against it, till the king compelled them to giue ouer.

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