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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About the feast of saint Martine in winter, there came vnto London two cardinals,Two cardi|nals come in|to England. sent by the pope to treat for a peace betwixt the kings of England, and France. ¶The archbishop of Canturburie, with the bishops of Winchester, Elie, Chichester, Couen|trie, & the cõmoners of the citie of London met them on Shooters hill.Additions to Meri. The duke of Cornewall with the earle of Surrie, and manie other of the nobilitie re|ceiued them a mile without the citie. The king him|selfe receiued them at the lesser hall doore of his pa|lace at Westminster, and brought them into the painted chamber, where they declared their message: wherevpon the king caused a parlement to be sum|moned at London, to begin the morrow after Can|dlemasse day. The king held his Christmasse at Gild|ford, and within the octaues of the same feast he tooke his iournie towards Scotland, or rather (as other haue) he sent thither the earles of Salisburie, Ri. Southwell The castell of Dunbar be|sieged. Anno Reg. 12. Gloce|ster, Derbie, and Anegos, with three barons, the lords Percie, Neuill, and Stafford, the which with twentie thousand men besieged the castell of Dunbar.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 This siege began euen in the beginning of the twelfth yeare of king Edwards reigne, and continu|ed for the space of nineteene wéeks, with small gaine and lesse honour to the Englishmen, in so much that the same brake vp vnder a colour of a truce, when there was no hope of winning the place, and that the noble men that laie there at siege, hasted to make an end, that they might attend the king in his iournie o|uer into Brabant.A parlement. The morrow after Candlemasse day the parlement began, in which there was a grant made to the king by the laitie of the one halfe of their woolles through the whole realme for the next sum|mer, Croxden. A subsidie. which he receiued, and likewise he leuied of the cleargie the whole, causing them to paie nine marks of euerie sacke of the best wooll. But after the rate of the one halfe he tooke in whose hands so euer it was found, aswell merchants as others. After this, he tooke a fiftéenth of all the communaltie of his realme in wooll, the price of euerie stone conteining foure|téene pounds rated at two shillings. The one and twentith of March the two cardinals tooke the sea at Douer,The cardi|nals returne. and in their companie went ouer the archbi|shop of Canturburie, and the bishop of Durham to treat of a peace, if by any good means the two kings might be made fréends. But as it appeared, their tra|uell was in vaine, for although they abode togither for a time on the frontiers, dooing their best indeuor, yet their trauell nothing auailed, as by that which fol|loweth is most manifest.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Flemings that fauoured king Edward, were put in such comfort by the late victorie obteined by the Englishmen in the Ile of Cadsant, that falling to their former practise, one Iaques or Iacob [...]an Arteueld an hommaker of the towne of Gant,Iames or Iacob Arte|ueld, a hom|maker of Gant. was chosen amongst them to be as it were the defender of the people, and namelie of the weauer [...], and other clothworkers. Finallie, his authoritie grew so huge|lie amongst all the whole number of the commons in FlandersHis authori|tie among the commons. that he might doo mo [...]e with them than their earle; and yet the earle to reconcile the people to his fauour, ceassed not to vse all courteous means towards them that he could deuise, as releasing cu|stomes and duties of monie, pardoning offenses, forfeitures, and other such like, but all would not a|uaile him. The king of England had so woon them by the meanes of the said Iaques van Arteueld, that in the end Iohn archbishop of Canturburie, & Richard the bishop of Durham,A league be|twixt Eng|land & Flan|ders. Iac. Meir. came into Flanders as am|bassadors from king Edward, and trauelled so ear|nestlie to draw the Flemings vnto an amitie with their master king Edward, that finallie a league was concluded betwixt the countrie of Flanders, and the said king at Gant, in the presence of the earle of Gelderland, as then being there. The cheefe authors of this league were the said Iaques van Ar|teueld, and a noble man of Flanders,Siger de Curtrey. called Siger de Curtrey.

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