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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yeare about the twelfth of October, Simon Mepham archbishop of Canturburie, departed this life, in whose place succeeded Iohn Stretford, being remooued from the see of Winchester, Adam Me [...]|muth. whereof he was bishop, before that he was thus called to the see of Canturburie.1334 Anno Reg. [...] After Candlemas the king of Eng|land repaired towards Yorke, Adam Me [...]|muth. A parlement at Yorke. there to hold a parle|ment, to the which (beginning on the mondaie in the second wéeke in Lent) when Edward Balioll doub|ting to be surprised by his aduersaries, could not come, yet he sent the lord Henrie de Beaumont, and the lord William de Montacute, to make excuse for him. The king of England passing further into the north parts, held his Whitsuntide at Newcastell vpon Tine, with great roialtie: and shortlie af|ter, Edward Balioll king of Scots came thither,Edward B [...]lioll dooth [...]|mage vnto the king of Eng+land for Sc [...]+land. and vpon the nintéenth daie of Iune made his ho|mage vnto the king of England, and sware vnto him fealtie in the presence of a great number of Nobles and gentlemen there assembled, as to his superiour and chiefe lord of the realme of Scotland, binding himselfe by that oth, to hold the same realme of the king of England, his heires and successors for euer. He also gaue and granted vnto the king of England at that time fiue counties next adioining vnto the borders of England, as Berwike and Rocksburgh, Peplis, and Dunfres, the townes of Hadington and Gedworth with the castell, the forrests of Silkirke, Etherike, and Gedworth, so as all these portions should be cléerelie separated and put apart from the crowne of Scotland, and annexed vnto the crowne of England for euer. And these things were confirmed and roborated with oth, scepter, and wit|nesse sufficient.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Which things doone in due order, as was requisite, the king of England returned home, and the kings went backe into Scotland. And then were all such lords restored againe to their lands and possessions in Scotland, which in the daies of Edward the second had béene expelled from the same: and now they did their homage vnto the king of Scotland for those lands as apperteined. ¶ Immediatlie after, the king of England called a councell of his lords spirituall and temporall at Notingham, commanding them to meet him there about the thirtéenth daie of Iulie, there to consult with him of weightie causes concer|ning the state of the realme. This yeare on saint Clements daie at night,Inundation of the sea. which fell on the thrée and twentith of Nouember, through a maruellous in|undation & rising of the sea all alongst by the coasts of this realme, but especiallie about the Thames, the sea bankes or walles were broken and borne downe with violence of the water, and infinite numbers of beasts and cattell drowned, fruitfull grounds and pa|stures were made salt marishes, so as there was no hope that in long time they should recouer againe their former fruitfulnesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane time the French king was appoin|ted to haue made a viage against the Saracens, eni|mies of our faith, and had sent to the king of Eng|land, requiring him of his companie in that iournie. But the king of England being otherwise occupied with the affaires of Scotland, made no direct answer therevnto,Ambassad [...] from the French [...] so that the French king perceiuing that the king of England was not in all things well pleased with him, thought good before he set forward on that iournie to vnderstand his meaning, and ther|vpon sent eftsoones vnto him other ambassadours. These ambassadours arriued here in England and had audience, but nothing they concluded in effect, saue that the king promised to send his ambassadors ouer into France, to haue further communication EEBO page image 351 in the matter touching such points of variance as de|pended betwixt them.

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