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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the sixt yeare of king Edwards reigne,1332 Anno Reg. 6. Reig|nold earle of Gelderland married the ladie Elianor sister to this king Edward the third, Croxden. The earle of Gelderland. who gaue vnto the said earle with hir for hir portion, fifteene thou|sand pounds sterling. ¶ Isabell the kings daughter was borne also this yeare at Woodstoke. ¶ After that Edward Balioll had prepared and made readie his purueiances for his iournie, and that his men of warre were assembled and come togither, being in all not past fiue hundred men of armes, and about two thousand archers, and other footmen, he tooke the sea at Rauenspurgh in Yorkeshire, and from thence directing his course northward, he arriued at length in Scotland, where he atchiuing great victories (as in the Scotish chronicle yée may read more at large) was finallie crowned king of that realme.Edward Ba|lioll crowned k. of Scotlãd.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 It may séeme a woonder to manie, that the king EEBO page image 350 of England would permit Edward Balioll to make his prouision thus in England, and to suffer his peo|ple to aid him against his brother in law king Da|uid that had married his sister (as before ye haue heard.The cause that mooued K. Edward to aid Edward Balioll.) Indéed at the first he was not verie readie to grant their suit that mooued it, but at length he was contented to dissemble the matter, in hope that if Edward Balioll had good successe, he should then recouer that againe, which by the conclusion of peace during his minoritie, he had through euill counsell resigned out of his hands. The Scots neuerthelesse in December chased their new king Edward Bali|oll out of Scotland, so that he was faine to retire into England, and celebrated the feast of the Natiuitie at Carleill, in the house of the friers minors, and the morrow after being S. Stephans day, he went into Westmerland, Rich. South. Edward Ba|lioll chased out of Scot|land. where of the lord Clifford he was right honorablie receiued, to whome he then granted Douglas Dale in Scotland, which had béene gran|ted to the said lord Cliffords grandfather in the daies of king Edward the first, if he might at anie time re|couer the realme of Scotland out of his aduersaries hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 After this, he went and laie a time with the ladie of Gines, that was his kinsewoman. Finallie about the téenth day of March, Anno Reg. 7. hauing assembled a power of Englishmen and Scotishmen, he entred Scot|land,Berwike besieged. and besieged the towne of Berwike, during the which siege, manie enterprises were attempted by the parties: and amongst other, the Scots entred England by Carleill, dooing much mischiefe in Gille|s [...]and, by burning, killing, robbing and spoiling. The king aduertised hereof, thought himselfe discharged of the agréement concluded betwixt him and Dauid Bruce, the sonne of Robert Bruce that had married his sister, & therfore tooke it to be lawfull for him to aid his coosen Edward Balioll the lawfull K. of Scots. And herewith assembling an armie, came to the siege of Berwike, togither with his brother Iohn of El|tham earle of Cornewall,The victorie of English|men at Ha|lidon hill. and other noble men, sée|king by all meanes possible how to win the towne: and finallie discomfited an armie of Scots, which came to the rescue theerof vpon Halidon hill, in slea|ing of them what in the fight and chase, seuen earles, nine hundred knights and baronets, foure hundred esquiers, and vpon 32 thousand of the common peo|ple: and of Englishmen were slaine but 15 persons, as our English writers make mention. The Scotish writers confesse, that the Scotishmen lost the num|ber of 14 thousand.

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