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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the second yeare of his reigne, about the feast of Pentecost, Anno Reg. 2. A parlement at North|ampton. king Edward held a parlement at Northampton, at the which parlement by euill and naughtie counsell, whereof the lord Roger Mortimer and the queene mother bare the blame, the king con|cluded with the Scotish king both an vnprofitable and a dishonorable peace. For first,A dishonora|ble peace. he released to the Scots their fealtie and homage. Also he deliuered vnto them certeine old ancient writings, sealed with the seales of the king of Scots, and of diuerse lords of the land both spirituall and temporall: amongst the which was that indenture,Ragman. which they called Rag|man, with manie other charters and patents, by the which the kings of Scotland were bound as feoda|ries vnto the crowne of England; Fabian. Caxton. The blacke crosse. at which season al|so there were deliuered certeine iewels, which before time had béene woone from the Scots by the kings of England, and among other, the blacke crosier or rood is speciallie named.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 And not onelie the king by his sinister councell lost such right and title as he had to the realme of Scotland, so farre as by the same councell might be deuised, but also the lords and barons, and other men of England that had anie lands or rents within Scotland, lost their right in like manner, except they would dwell vpon the same lands, and become liege men to the king of Scotland.A marriage concluded. Herevpon was there also a marriage concluded betwixt Dauid Bruce the sonne of Robert Bruce king of Scotland, and the ladie Iane sister to king Edward, which of diuerse writers is surnamed Ione of the tower, and the Scots surnamed hir halfe in derision, Ione Make|peace.Ione Make|peace. This marriage was solemnised at Berwike vpon the daie of Marie Magdalen. The quéene with the bishops of Elie and Norwich, the earle Warren, the lord Mortimer, and diuerse other barons of the land, and a great multitude of other people were pre|sent at that marriage, Ri. Southwell. which was celebrate with all the honour that might be.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After the quindene of saint Michaell, king Ed|ward held a parlement at Salisburie, Tho. Walsin. Adam Meri|muth. Polydor. Creations of earles. in which the lord Roger Mortimer was created earle of March, the lord Iohn of Eltham the kings brother was made earle of Cornwall, and the lord Iames Butler of Ireland earle of Ormond, who about the same time had married the earle of Herefords daughter. But the earle of March tooke the most part of the rule of all things perteining either to the king or realme into his owne hands:The earle of March ruleth all things at his pleasure. so that the whole gouernment rested in a manner betwixt the queene mother and him. The other of the councell that were first appoin|ted, were in manner displaced; for they bare no rule to speake of at all, which caused no small grudge to arise against the quéene and the said earle of March, Caxton. who mainteined such ports, and kept among them EEBO page image 348 such retinue of seruants, that their prouision was woonderfull, which they caused to be taken vp, name|lie for the queene, at the kings price, to the sore oppres|sion of the people, which tooke it displesantlie inough.

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