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Edward the third, who came to the crowne by the resignation of his father Edward the second.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 _EDward the third of that name, the sonne of Edward the second, and of Isabell the onelie daughter of Philip le Beau, & sister to Charles the fift king of France, began his reigne as king of Eng|land, his father yet liuing, the 25 daie of Ianuarie, after the creation 5293, in the yeare of our lord 1327, after the account of them that begin the yeare at Christmasse, 867 after the com|ming of the Saxons, 260 after the conquest, the 13 yeare of the reigne of Lewes the fourth then empe|rour, the seuenth of Charles the fift king of France, the second of Andronicus Iunior emperour of the east almost ended, and about the end of the 22 of Ro|bert le Bruce king of Scotland. He was crowned at Westminster on the day of the Purification of our ladie next insuing, by the hands of Walter the archbishop of Canturburie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Gouernours appointed.And bicause he was but fourteene yeares of age, so that to gouerne of himselfe he was not sufficient, it was decréed that twelue of the greatest lords within the realme should haue the rule and gouernment till he came to more perfect yeares. The names of which lords were as followeth. The archbishop of Cantur|burie, the archbishop of Yorke, the bishops of Win|chester and of Hereford, Henrie earle of Lancaster, Thomas Brotherton earle marshall, Edmund of Woodstoke earle of Kent, Iohn earle of Warren, the lord Thomas Wake, the lord Henrie Percie, the lord Oliuer de Ingham, & the lord Iohn Ros. These were sworne of the kings councell, and charged with the gouernement as they would make answer. But this ordinance continued not long: for the quéene, and the lord Roger Mortimer tooke the whole rule so into their hands, that both the king and his said coun|cellors were gouerned onelie by them in all matters both high and low. Neuerthelesse, although they had taken the regiment vpon them, yet could they not foresee the tumults and vprores that presentlie vpon the yoong kings inthronizing did insue: but needs it must come to passe that is left written where chil|dren weare the crowne, & beare the scepter in hand,

Vaepueri terrae saepissimè sunt ibi guerrae.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 He confirmed the liberties and franchises of the ci|tie of London, and granted that the maior of the same citie for the time being might sit in all places of iudgement within the liberties thereof for cheefe iustice,The franchi|ses of the citie of London confirmed. aboue all other, the kings person onelie excep|ted; and that euerie alderman that had béene maior should be iustice of peace through all the citie of Lon|don and countie of Middlesex; and euerie alderman that had not béene maior, should be iustice of peace within his owne ward. He granted also to the citi|zens, that they should not be constreined to go foorth of the citie to anie warres in defense of the land, and that the franchises of the citie should not be seized from thenceforth into the kings hands for anie cause, but onelie for treason and rebellion shewed by the whole citie. Also Southwarke was appointed to be vnder the rule of the citie, and the maior of Lon|don to be bailiffe of Southwarke, and to ordeine such a substitute in the same borough as pleased him.

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