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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Edward vnderstanding all the quéenes drift, Anno. Reg. 20. at length sought the French kings fauour, and did so much by letters and promise of bribes with him and his councell, that queene Isabell was destitute in manner of all helpe there, so that she was glad to withdraw into Heinault,The lord Beaumont [...] H [...]inault. by the comfort of Iohn the lord Beaumont, the earle of Heinault his brother, who being then in the court of France, and lamen|ting queene Isabels case, imagined with himselfe of [...]ome marriage that might be had betwixt the yoong prince of Wales, and some of the daughters of his brother the earle of Heinault, and therevpon requi|red hir to go into Heinault,The quéene of England with hir son goeth into Heinault. Polydor. and he would be glad to attend hir. She gladlie consenting hereto, went thi|ther with him, where she was most ioifullie receiued with hir sonne, and all other of hir traine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The Spensers (some write) procured hir banish|ment out of France, and that she was aduised by the earle of Arthois chéefelie to repaire into Hei|nault. Also I find, that the Spensers deliuered fiue barrels of siluer, Caxton. the summe amounting vnto fiue thousand marks, vnto one Arnold of Spaine a bro|ker, appointing him to conueie it ouer into France, to bestowe it vpon such freends as they had there of the French kings counsell, by whose means the king of France did banish his sister out of his relme. But this monie was met with vpon the sea by certeine Zelanders, and taken, togither with the said Arnold, and presented to the earle of Heinault, vnder whose dominion the Zelanders in those daies remained, of which good hap the earle and queene Isabell great|lie reioised.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the time that the quéene and hir sonne laie in the court of the earle of Heinault, Fabian. A marriage concluded. a marriage was concluded betwixt the prince of Wales, and the la|die Philip, daughter to the said earle, vpon certeine conditions, whereof one was, that the said erle should at his proper costs set ouer into England the said prince of Wales, with a crue of foure hundred men of armes. But whether there was any such mariage as then concluded, and that in consideration thereof, the earle of Heinault aided quéene Isabell and hir sonne, it may be doubted, bicause other writers make no such report. Neuerthelesse, certeine it is, that the earls brother sir Iohn de Heinault lord Beaumont, was appointed with certeine bands of men of arms, to the number of foure hundred or fiue hundred, to passe ouer with the said quéene and hir sonne into England, and so therevpon began to make his pur|ueiance for that iournie, which thing when it came to the knowledge of king Edward and the Spensers, they caused musters to be taken through the realme, and ordeined beacons to be set vp, kept and watched, as well in the vallies by the sea side, Caxton. Prouision made in Eng+land to resist the quéene. as within the countries, vpon hilles and high grounds, that the same vpon occasion of the enimies arriuall, might be set on fire, to warne the countries adioining to as|semble and resist them.

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