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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About this season was the foundation begun of S. Michaels colledge in Cambridge, Polydor. by one sir Henrie Stanton knight, chancellour of the excheker. About the feast of the Ascension, Rich. Sou [...] Commissio|ners [...] intrea [...] of peace. there came as commissio|ners from the king of England vnto Newcastell, Aimerie earle of Penbroke, and the lord chamber|laine Hugh Spenser the yoonger, and other foure personages of good accompt. And from the king of Scots, there came the bishop of saint Andrews, Tho|mas Randulfe earle of Murrey, and other foure of good credit to treat of peace, or at the leastwise of some long truce, and through the good will and plea|sure of God, the author of all peace and quietnesse, they concluded vpon a truce, to indure for thirteene yeares,A tr [...]ce [...] claded. and so about the feast of saint Barnabe the a|postle, it was proclaimed in both realmes, but yet so, that they might not traffike togither, bicause of the excommunication wherewith the Scots were as yet intangled, although as some write, about the same time, the interdict wherein the realme of Scotland stood bound, was by pope Iohn released. Polydor Hect. [...] Anno Reg. 1 [...] Messengers from the French king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The French K. being latelie come to the crowne, sent certeine ambassadors vnto king Edward, to wit, the lord Beouille, and one Andreas de Floren|tia a notarie, to giue summons vnto him from the French king, to come and doo homage for the lands which he held in France,The Fren [...] king taketh townes in A|quitaine. as for the duchie of Aqui|taine, and the countie of Pontieu. And though the lord chamberleine Hugh Spenser the sonne, and the lord chancellour Robert Baldocke did what they could to procure these ambassadors, not to declare the cause of their comming to the king, yet when they should depart, they admonished the king to come and doo his homage vnto the French king, and vpon this admonition the said Andreas framed a publike in|strument, by vertue whereof, the French king made processe against the king of England, and [...]eized into his hands diuerse townes and castels in Aquitaine, alledging that he did it for the contumacie shewed by the king of England, in refusing to come to doo his homage, being lawfullie summoned, although the king was throughlie informed, that the summons was neither lawfull, nor touched him anie thing at all.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time,The lord Mortimer breaketh [...] of the [...] the lord Roger Mortimer of Wigmor, giuing his kéepers a drinke that brought them into a sound and heauie sléepe, escaped out of the tower of London where he was prisoner. This escape of the lord Mortimer greatlie troubled the king, so that immediatlie vpon the first news, he wrote to all the shiriffes of the realme, that if he chan|ced to come within their roomes, they should cause hue and crie to be raised, so as he might be staied and arrested, but he made such shift, that he got ouer into France, where he was receiued by a lord of Picar|die, named monsier Iohn de Fieules, who had faire lands in England, and therefore the king wrote to him, reprouing him of vnthankfulnesse, considering EEBO page image 335 he had beene euer readie to pleasure him, and to ad|uance his profits and commodities, and yet not|withstanding he did succour the said lord Mortimer, and other rebels that were fled out of his realme.

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