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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Also, the king caused the ordinances made by the earles and barons to be examined by men of great knowledge and skill, and such as were thought neces|sarie to be established, he commanded that the same should be called statutes,Statutes. and not ordinances. Beside a great subsidie granted to the king by the temporal|tie,A subsidie. the cleargie of all the prouince of Canturburie granted fiue pence of euerie marke, and they of the prouince of Yorke foure pence. Aimer earle of Pen|broke,Addition to Triuet. The earle of Penbroke arrested. being returned home from this parlement holden at Yorke, was arrested by certeine knights, sent with authoritie therevnto from the king, who brought him backe to Yorke, where at length tho|rough suit of certeine noble men, he was vpon his oth taken to be a faithfull subiect, and in considerati|on of a fine which he paied to the king, set at libertie. The occasion of his imprisonment came, for that he was accused and detected to be a secret fauourer of the barons cause against the Spensers in time of the late troubles.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Fabian. Moreouer, shortlie after the king gathered the sixt penie of the temporall mens goods thorough Eng|land, Ireland and Wales, which had beene granted to him at the foresaid parlement holden at Yorke, to|wards the defending of the realme against the Scots. This ta [...] was not gathered without great murmur and grudge, the realme being in such euill and miserable state as it then was. ΒΆ This yeare also the sunne appeared to mans sight in colour like to bloud, and so continued six houres, to wit, from se|uen of the clocke in the morning of the last daie of October, vntill one of the clocke in the afternoone of the same daie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Here is to be noted, Polydor. that during the time whilest the ciuill warre was in hand betwixt king Edward and his barons, the Scots and Frenchmen were not idle, for the Scots wasted & destroied the countrie of the bishoprike of Durham (as before ye haue partlie heard) & the Frenchmen made roades & incursions into the borders of Guien,The Scots inuade the bishoprike of Durham. alledging that they did it vpon good and sufficient occasion, for that king Ed|ward had not doone his homage vnto the king of France, as he ought to haue doone, for the duchie of Aquitaine, and the countie of Pontieu. But the true occasion that mooued them to attempt the warres at that present, was for that they were in hope to reco|uer all the lands which the king of England held within France, cleerelie out of his hands, for so much as they vnderstood the discord betwixt him and his barons, and how infortunatlie he had sped against the Scots, by reason whereof they iudged the time to serue most fitlie now for their purpose.

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