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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this thirteenth yeare of his reigne, in Iune king Edward went ouer into France, where at A|miens he found the French king,Additions to N. Triuet. of whome he re|ceiued the countie of Pontieu, which the said French king vpon his comming to the crowne had seized in|to his hands, bicause the king of England had not doone to him his homage due for the same. Also this yeare the pope granted to the king of England the tenth of ecclesiasticall reuenues for one yeare,A tenth of the ecclesiasticall liuings gran|ted to the K. as be|fore that time he had likewise doone. ¶About this season, Anno. Reg. 54. Caxton. pope Iohn, being informed of the great de|struction and vnmercifull warre which the Scots made vpon the Englishmen, and namelie for that they spared neither church nor chapell, abbeie nor pri|orie, he sent a generall sentence vnder his bulles of lead vnto the archbishop of Canturburie and Yorke, appointing them that if Robert le Bruce the Sco|tish king would not recompense king Edward for all such harmes as the realme of England had by him susteined, and also make restitution of the goods that had béene taken out of churches and monaste|ries, they should pronounce the same sentence a|gainst him and his complices.Scots eft|soons accursed

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherevpon when the Scots tooke no regard to the popes admonition, the archbishop procéeded to the pronouncing of the foresaid sentence, so that Ro|bert Br [...]ce, Iames Dowglas, and Thomas Ran|dulfe earle of Murrey, and all other that kept him companie, or them in any wise mainteined, were ac|curssed throughout England euerie day at masse three times. Howbeit, this nothing holpe the matter, but put the king and the realme to great cost and charge, and in the meane season the commons of the realme were sore oppressed by sundrie waies and means, diuerse of them lost their goods and possessi|ons, being taken from them vpon surmised and fei|ned quarels, so that manie were vtterlie vndoone, and a few singular and misordered persons were ad|uanced.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After the Epiphanie, when the truce failed betwixt the two realmes of England and Scotland, Rich. South. The Scots inuade Eng|land. an ar|mie of Scots entred England, and came into the bishoprike of Durham. The earle of Murrey staied at Darington, but Iames Dowglas and the stew|ard of Scotland went foorth to waste the countrie, the one towards Hartlepoole and Cleueland, and the o|ther towards Richmond: but they of the countie of Richmond (as before they had doone) gaue a great summe of monie to saue their countrie from inuasi|on. The Scots at that time remained within Eng|land by the space of fiftéene daies or more. The knights and gentlemen of the north parts did come vnto the earle of Lancaster that laie the same time at Pomfret, offering to go foorth with him to giue the enimies battell, if he would assist them: but the earle séemed that he had no lust to fight in defense of his prince, that sought to oppresse him wrongfullie (as he tooke it) and therefore he dissembled the matter, and so the Scots returned at their pleasure without encounter.

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