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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king of England hauing escaped from this battell, which was fought on Midsummer day in the yeere aforesaid, Anno Reg. 8. A councel hol|den at Yorke. came to Yorke, where he held a coun|cell of his lords, to haue their aduise by what means he might best restore his armie, and reuenge the losse which he had susteined at the hands of his enimie R. Bruce.Sir Peter Spalding. And shortlie after was sir Peter Spalding sent vnto Berwike, with a crew of souldiers to de|fend the towne against the said Bruce, who intended shortlie to laie siege to that towne, as the king had certeine vnderstanding. Also the Scotishmen ad|uanced highlie in their minds for the late gotten vi|ctorie, The Scots in Ireland. passed ouer into Ireland, vnder the conduct of Edward Bruce, the brother of Robert Bruce, sore af|flicting that countrie, by spoile, sword, and fire: the villages were robbed, the townes and castels which they wan were sacked, and after fired, so vtterlie to deface them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Irishmen being put in great feare herewith, assembled togither, and ioined themselues with such Englishmen as laie there in garrisons, ouer the which the lord Iohn Bermingham as deputie had the chéefe charge.The lord Berming [...] Thus being ioined togither, they made earnest resistance against the attempts of their eni|mies in defense of the countrie. And so by that means they warred and fought one against an other, with great slaughter on both sides, the Scotishmen on their part dooing their best to obteine the gouerne|ment of the countrie, hauing alreadie obteined no small portion thereof, and created Edward Bruce king there and the Irishmen on the other part, in|forcing their whole indeuor to beat the enimie backe, and to rid him out of the countrie. But at length the inuincible obstinatnesse of the Irishmen preuailed, through aid of the Englishmen (as after shall ap|peare.) Neuerthelesse in the me [...]ne while,Great slaugh|ter of Scots in Ireland. as some English chronicles make mention, there died of the Scots in these warres to the number of thirtie thou|sand, and aboue fiftéene thousand Irishmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The Scots not onelie thus inuaded Ireland, Ri. Southw. but also continued their rage against England. For the same yeare about the feast of Peter and Paule,The bishop|rike of Dur|ham spoiled [...] the Scots. they entered into the bishoprike of Durham, & spoi|led the countrie vnto Hartilpoole, which towne they robbed of all the goods which they there found, the in|habitants being fled with their ships to the sea. About Mandelentide following, the king of Scots entred England with a mightie armie on the west borders, Anno Reg. [...]. Rob. Bruce inuadeth [...]gland. Carleill be|sieged. and comming to Carleill besieged the citie, remai|ning before it ten daies, but they within so valiantlie defended themselues and their wals, that the Scots lost more than they wan, sauing that during their a|bode at this siege, they robbed and wasted the coun|tries of Allerdale, Copeland, and Westmerland. The 11 day after their comming thither, when they had assaied all their force and policie to win the citie, and saw themselues nothing to preuaile, but to lose their men and trauell, they raised their field, and re|turned into Scotland with dishonor,The siege raised. leauing behind them all their engines of warre, so that besides the dishonour which he susteined by the repulse, in lieu of lucre he suffered losse, and therefore this lesson by ex|emplification would be learned and practised, that

Res le [...]e quisque gereus lucra [...] inde ferens.
Now as they went their waie,Iohn de Murrey taken. certeine Englishmen following them, tooke Iohn de Murrey, who in the battell of Striueling had for his part 13 English knights prisoners, beside esquiers and others. They tooke also with him one Robert Berdolfe a great e|nemie of the Englishmen

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