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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The king this yeare raised a great power to go into Scotland. Rich. [...]. Anno Reg. [...]. And about the feast of the Assumption of our ladie, hauing with him Péers de Gaueston earle of Cornewall, and the earles of Glocester and Warren, he came to Berwike,Berwike [...]|tified. which towne he cau|sed to be fortified with a strong wall, and a mightie deepe ditch, and although the other earles would not come to serue him in that voiage,The king [...] into Scotland. by reason of a new variance risen amongst them, yet he marched foorth into Scotland, to seeke his aduersarie Robert le Bruce: but Robert refusing the battell, kept him foorth of the waie, so that the king was driuen to re|turne to Berwike againe, without meeting with his enimie. And he was no sooner come backe, but the said Robert and his people entred into Louthian, sore molesting such as were yéelded to the king of Eng|land. The king aduertised therof, followed them, but could doo no good, & so returned. The earle of Corne|wall laie at Rockesbourgh, and the earle of Gloce|ster at Norham to defend those parts. After Can|dlemasse, the king sent the earle of Cornewall, with two hundred men of armes to S. Iohns towne, be|yond the Scotish sea, who receiued to the kings peace all those that inhabited beyond that sea vp to the mounteins. The king laie still at Berwike, but the earles of Glocester and Warren, after the begin|ning of Lent, rode into the forest of Solkirke, and receiued the foresters & other the inhabitants there to the kings peace. ¶ In this fift yeare of the kings reigne, but somwhat before this present, in the yeare 1310, Henrie Lacie earle of Lincolne gouernour of England in the kings absence departed this life, in whose place the earle of Glocester was chosen gouer|nour, and therefore he returned now into England. This erle of Lincolne was buried in the new worke at Paules. Lieng on his death bed, he requested (as was reported) Thomas earle of Lancaster, who had married his daughter, that in any wise he should stand with the other lords in defense of the common|welth, and to mainteine his quarell against the earle of Cornewall, which request earle Thomas faithful|lie accomplished: for by the pursute of him, and of the earle of Warwike cheefelie, the said earle of Corne|wall was at length taken and beheaded (as after shall appeare.) Some write that king Edward the first vpon his death-bed, charged the earles of Lin|colne, Warwike, and Penbroke, to foresée that the foresaid Peers returned not againe into England, least by his euill example he might induce his sonne the prince to lewdnesse, as before he had alreadie doone.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Thomas earle of Lancaster came toward Ber|wike, to doo homage to the king for the earledome of Lincolne fallen to him in right of his wife, now af|ter the deceasse of hir father the late earle of Lin|colne. But he was counselled not to go foorth of the realme to the king, so that therevpon rose no small displeasure, and great doubt least there would haue followed ciuill warres about it. Neuerthelesse, at length the king was persuaded to come ouer the wa|ter vnto Hagerston, foure miles distant from Ber|wike, and there receiued homage of the earle, and so they continued fréends, and for that time departed a|sunder in louing maner. The lords perceiuing the mischeefe that dailie followed and increased by that naughtie man (as they tooke it) the earle of Corne|wall, Fabian. Hen. Marle. assembled at Lincolne, and there tooke counsell togither, and concluded eftsoones to banish him out of the realme, and so therevpon shortlie after, about Christmasse (as some write) or rather, as other haue, within the quindene of saint Michaell, Rich. So [...] The car [...] [...] Cornewall banished [...] Flanders. he was exiled into Flanders, sore against the kings will and plea|sure, who made such account of him, that (as appea|red) he could not be quiet in mind without his com|panie, & therefore about Candlemasse he eftsoones re uoked EEBO page image 321 uoked him home.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But he being nothing at all amended of those his euill manners, rather demeaned himselfe woorse than before he had doone, namelie towards the lords, against whome vsing reprochfull speech, he called the earle of Glocester bastard, the earle of Lincolne latelie deceased bursten bellie, the earle of Warwike the blacke hound of Arderne, and the earle of Lancaster churle. Such lords and other more that were thus abused at this earle of Cornewals hands, determined to be reuenged vpon him, and to dispatch the realme of such a wicked person: and therevpon assembling their powers togither, came towards Newcastell, whither the king from Yorke was remooued, and now hearing of their approch, he got him to Tinmouth, where the queene laie, and vnderstanding there that Newcastell was taken by the lords, he leauing the queene behind him, tooke shipping, and sailed from thence with his dearlie belooued familiar the earle of Cornewall, vnto Scarbourgh, where he left him in the castell, and rode himselfe towards Warwike. The lords hearing where the earle of Cornewall was, made thither with all speed, and besieging the castell, at length constreined their enimie to yeeld himselfe into their hands, requiring no other condition, but that he might come to the kings presence to talke with him.

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